Monday, January 4, 2010

Midseason reveiw

So... I'm starting to write this thing. Don't know if I have time to finish it before work, but who cares. You'll at least be reading this when you read this, neither sooner nor later.

So, I thought I'm gonna write a little bit about each player the Wings has used this season and rate their performance. I'm even gonna use numbers, something I rarely do except for when looking at opposing teams or arguing on forums that Jimmah was snubbed by team USA. Here's the outlook I'm going to use

Number. Player name
Stats: Players stats for the year so far
Expectations: What I expected of the player when the season started
Season: What the player has done this season
Moment: My favourite moment of the player this season
Future: What I expect the player to do the rest of the season
Grade: A-F (based partially on expectations)

So.. let's go! (I use "so..." too much)


30. Chris Osgood
Stats: 18 games, 18 starts, 7-6-4, 2.72 GAA, .901 save percentage, 1 shutout, 1 assist, 0 PIM.
Expectations: That he would have a better regular season this year and actually be good.
Season: Ozzie's regular season so far has been better than last years, but he once again finds himself relegated to backup and his season has been a disappointing one. He lets in bad goals and fails to steal games.
Moment: The few good saves he made in the 2nd period of the season opener. He was right in front of me for that period.
Future: To build up his game and become the playoff starter, and do well.
Grade: D

35. Jimmy Howard
Stats: 25 games, 23 starts, 14-8-2, 2.20 GAA, .923 save percentage, 1 shutout, 1 assist, 0 PIM.
Expectations: That he'd be decent the chances he got and that he'd play as little as possible
Season: Jimmah has become the starting goalie of the Wings, and after a shaky start he has been unbelieveable. He's been one of the elite goalies in the NHL this season and carried his team.
Moment: His first NHL shutout against the Bolts
Future: I hope he'll be equally strong the rest of the year and be good if Ozzie fails in the playoffs
Grade: A


5. Nicklas Lidström
Stats: 41 games, 1 goal, 18 assists, +13, 10 PIM.
Expectations: That he'd reclaim his crown as NHL's top defenseman
Season: Nick has had to play with a lot of young ones this season and while he has been good defensively, he has struggled offensively. He has a 38-game goal-drought and not enough assists, but has been more offensive as of late.
Moment: His NHL point number 1000 against the Kings.
Future: He'll get more offense going, get some goals and continue to be solid defensively.
Grade: C

14. Derek Meech
Stats: 25 games, 1 goal, 1 assist, -4, 4 PIM.
Expectations: That he'd not get much ice time, but be solid in the little he got
Season: Because of injuries he has gotten to play a lot and he hasn't been solid. He seems like a liablity defensively, but has gotten a little better as of late. I repeat, Derek Meech is NOT and will NEVER be an NHL-quality player. Takes few penalties though.
Moment: His one goal against Tampa.
Future: Most likely to be in a trade deal at the deadline.
Grade: D

22. Brett Lebda
Stats: 38 games, 1 goal, 5 assists, -5, 20 PIM.
Expectations: That he would work on his defense and become more solid as the season went along
Season: He has become more solid as of late, but still he's a problem and a liability on defense. He seems to think offense first, which is not good. I repeat, Brett Lebda is NOT and will never be an NHL-calibre player.
Moment: His game winning goal in Vancouver. That was a nice play
Future: Will still be the liability on the Blue line.
Grade: D

23. Brad Stuart
Stats: 41 games, 2 goals, 7 assists, -2, 10 PIM
Expectations: That he'd make up for game 7
Season: You won't see it from his stats, but this guy has been phenomenal. He has played very solid defensively and actually done some nice things offensively too. The best Wings defenseman so far this season. And though he is tough, he takes few penalties. Nice!
Moment: When he leveled Artem Anisimov
Future: To continue his great play and score some more goals off his point shots.
Grade: A

28. Brian Rafalski
Stats: 37 games, 2 goals, 15 assists, +9, 8 PIM
Expectations: That he'd be solid defensively and provide some good offense.
Season: Offensively he has definitely delivered. He's been good, jumped up on plays and had some nice passes. Defensively he has struggled a bit, but seems to have reclaimed his calm and gotten better positioning wise lately.
Moment: When he in two games, shortly after each other (I think the Ducks game was the first one), had identical nice shot-passes that Datsyuk tipped in on the PP.
Future: To get even safer defensively, continue good offense and score some goals
Grade: C

37. Doug Janik
Stats: 9 games, 0 goals, 1 assist, -1, 11 PIM
Expectations: Fuck cares, he's not gonna be on the Wings anyway
Season: He has gotten a few games with the Wings and though he has some good calmness, his errors are way too huge, has NEVER been and is NOT an NHL-calibre player.
Moment: When he led the rush and went straigh to the net in the first period against the Dogs. Sadly the play failed and he never got the puck.
Future: Grand Rapids. ASAP. Retire in the summer. You're done mate.
Grade: D

46. Jakub Kindl
Stats: 3 games, 0 goals, 0 assists, -2, 0 PIM.
Expectations: That he'll learn a lot in GR
Season: In his three games he was decent, not more nor less.
Moment: None
Future: Learn more in GR and hopefully become a good defender for the Wings in a couple of years.
Grade: -

52. Jonahan Ericsson
Stats: 31 games, 3 goals, 7 assists, -7, 20 PIM.
Expectations: To continue his greatness from last season.
Season: Far too many missed plays, turnovers and bad defensive plays has ended the love story with the Big Rig, but he has become safer as the season has gone along, and was starting to become more and more important when he got injured. Has ben great offensively and starts to deserve some PP time.
Moment: His tying goal (1-1) in the season opener. It happened right in front of me and was the first Wings goal I ever saw in person.
Future: To get healthy, learn how to be safer defensively, continue strong offense.
Grade: C

Niklas Kronwall
Stats: 21 games, 5 goals, 8 assists, +3, 18 PIM.
Expectations: That he'd be one of the best Wings defensemen and level everyone in his sight.
Season: Sadly he has lost much of the season to injury, but when he played he was awesome. He and Stuy were great together and he was not only safe defensively, but a huge threath offensively. I want him back!
Moment: The Kronwalled-commercial
Future: Get healthy, continue his great play. Long-term: Norris.
Grade: A (before he got hurt)


8. Justin Abdelkader
Stats: 38 games, 3 goals, 3 assists, -5, 29 PIM
Expectations: That he'd learn in GR and get a few good games in Detroit.
Season: Abbie has had to play all season because of injuries and he's done well. He's been a pest, created some plays and been solid. Needs to get better at faceoffs.
Moment: His big hit on Pat Kane. Bang!
Future: Finish the year in GR
Grade: B

11. Dan Cleary
Stats: 30 games, 7 goals, 9 assists, -8, 10 PIM
Expectations: That he'd have a great season and be considered for team Canada
Season: He started the season with little scoring, but was really starting to come alive when he went down injured. He needs to work harder defensively, but his offense looks pretty good.
Moment: His drought-breaking 100th career goal in Cmb.
Future: Get healthy, continue the play he was showing before he got hurt
Grade: B

13. Pavel Datsyuk
Stats: 39 games, 10 goals, 22 assists, +11, 6 PIM
Expectations: Compete for the Hart
Season: Pasha has struggled at times this season and hasn't been the offensive juggernaut we're used to. Defensively he's been good and sound. Has started to come around offensively as of late. Not his best season so far.
Moment: When he triple-dangled Hejduk on new years. Also, his warm up stretches in Stockholm.
Future: Continue the trend from the last two games. Be an MVP-like player again.
Grade: C

17. Patrick Eaves
Stats: 30 games, 4 goals, 6 assists, +5, 6 PIM.
Expectations: Good addition by Kenny. He should be a good grindliner.
Season: The kid has exceeded everyone's expectations, with his nice and gritty play on the Red 'vettes line. He's had some nice goals and overall he's been one of the nicer surprises.
Moment: His shorthanded rocket against the Dogs a couple of weeks ago.
Future: Continue his great play, use his shot more, get re-signed.
Grade: B

18. Kirk Maltby
Stats: 33 games, 3 goals, 2 assists, +1, 28 PIM.
Expectations: Work nicely, agitate, be a fringe player
Season: Kirk started off really hot, but has after a while become a kind of invisible player, except for when he's agitating and stirring shit up.
Moment: His shorty in the season opener. I was standing from when he reached the red line and seeing him come towards me and roof it was a thing of beauty.
Future: Be a decent fringe player and an agitator for the rest of the season. Then retire.
Grade: C

20. Drew Miller
Stats: 39 games, 4 goals, 3 assists, +1, 4 PIM.
Expectations: When he got picked up: This guy's a pest, can hopefully grind a bit.
Season: Miller has been the best waiver find ever. He's got grit, thinks fast, is sound defensively and creates offensively. A pleasant surprise indeed.
Moment: His Bobby Orr like goal against TB.
Future: Continue to compete hard, keep his spot and get a nice contract.
Grade: A (for surprising so nicely)

21. Ville Leino
Stats: 37 games, 4 goals, 3 asists, -8, 4 PIM
Expectations: Be a quality producer for the Wings.
Season: Useless, skates slowly, thinks slowly, doesn't work. At least he plays clean.
Moment: His goal in Stockholm. It was far away from me, but it was a goal and I cheered.
Future: In Finland
Grade: F bloody F (I prefer Sabbath Bloody Sabbath) (I really wanted to use the HArry Potter grade system so I could give him the grade "Troll")

24. Brad May
Stats: 29 games, 0 goals, 1 assist, -1, 53 PIM.
Expectations: Keep the flies away
Season: He's not really kept the flies away, had showy fights and been too little of an agitator. He's worked hard, but lack skill and Denis LaRue steals his goals.
Moment: The fight against Boll, which was for a reason, and a GOOD fight.
Future: On waivers or in GR
Grade: D

29. Jason Williams
Stats: 15 games, 2 goals, 5 assists, -5, 4 PIM
Expectations: Decent play, a few goals
Season: He got injured early, but before that he was decent, no more, no less. Needs to be better defensively.
Moment: Apparently he has 2 PP goals and a GWG.
Future: Most likely to not get a new contract.
Grade: C

32. Kris Newbury
Stats: 4 games, 1 goal, 0 assists, +1, 4 PIM
Expectations: GR-player
Season: He got four games and was decent. Did a lot of interesting things
Moment: Do I even need to tell you?
Future: In GR
Grade: X(-factor)

33. Kris Draper
Stats: 40 games, 6 goals, 7 assist, +5, 20 PIM.
Expectations: Win draws, play solidly, be good defensively.
Season: A nice surprise. He's having an excellent year with the Red 'vettes and he's worked hard, had some offense and all in all been much better than expected.
Moment: His goal in the Blues game we actually won.
Future: Keep up the good work, take another season.
Grade: B

40. Henrik Zetterberg
Stats: 34 games, 10, 22, +5, 8 PIM.
Expectations: Show the world why he's the game's most dominat player
Season: Before he got hurt Z had a great season and carried the offense for quite some time. Was solid on defense too. Could probably get even more going on offense with a healthy team.
Moment: Curly fries, though I didn't get any of'em.
Future: Get healthy, come back, DOMINATE
Grade: A (because everything else would be blasphemy)

42. Mattias Ritola
Stats: 4 games, 0 goals, 0 assists, Even, 0 PIM.
Expectations: None
Season: In his four games he has created some nice offense and also shown some toughness. Keep it up kid!
Moment: When he decided to hit everything and everyone in the 2nd vs. the Avs.
Future: Probably in GR, but should get more chances
Grade: B

43. Darren Helm
Stats: 34 games, 6 goals, 5 assists, +2, 8 PIM.
Expectations: Keep his stuff up for a full season.
Season: Helm's been an energy bunny, worked hard, skated fast, had chances, killed penalties and been excellent at everything that does not make him have to shoot the puck.
Moment: His shorty against the Avs. Speed kills.
Future: Keep it up and learn to score mate.
Grade: B (A for his play, D for effectiveness)

44. Todd Bertuzzi
Stats: 41 games, 12 goals, 13 assists, -1, 36 PIM
Expectations: Please have a good season Todd.
Season: He started off with huge amounts of suck. Then he started to work hard, backcheck and take fewer dumb penalties. And then he started scoring. A lot!
Moment: The OT winner against Anaheim. A goalscorer's goal followed by a hilarious celebration. Also, kudos for not decking Trevor Thompson when he called the celebration "pre-teen like".
Future: That he scores at least 20, so I win my bet with Petrella.
Grade: B (first E, then an A)

51. Valtteri Filppula
Stats: 15 games, 2 goals, 5 assists, -5, 8 PIM.
Expectations: To grow into one of the team's elite centermen.
Season: He's been hurt alot, but was great before he got hurt, and damn it feels nice to have him back.
Moment: Him getting back
Future: Continue the great play. Shoot more!
Grade: B

93. Johan Franzén
Stats: 3 games, 1 goal, 1 assist, even, 6 PIM
Expectations: Continue domination and scoring
Season: He's been hurt all season
Moment: His single goal
Future: Get healthy dude!
Grade: -

96. Tomas Holmström
Stats: 41 games, 15 goals, 6 assists, +5, 30 PIM.
Expectations: Have a better and healthier year
Season: He's worked hard and is the top goalscorer of the Wings. Needs to take fewer penalties.
Moment: His two goals on Saturday.
Future: Keep this up man!
Grade: A

That came out more positive than expected. And I sure like the letter B huh? And it went fast.


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