Saturday, January 16, 2010

Open letter to the NHL and the NHL referees

Second time I do this. It's not gonna do shit, but hey, whatever. This letter was emailed by me to both the contact email at and the one at

Dear NHL crew and NHL officials crew

I am a hockey fan from Norway who watches the NHL closely. It's one of the joys of my life, but lately the game has deteriorated because of bad refereeing and bad decision making. I'm not even gonna touch on most of the errors made this year since I think all the teams have been, sorry for the language, screwed at least once already this year. And neither am I gonna touch on the horrible refereeing in the Red Wings @ Stars game tonight. There is just one thing I am wondering about really and this is it:

Back a few months ago, as I am sure you remember, Denis LaRue disallowed a goal in a game between the two aformentioned teams at the Joe Louis Arena. Even though the video review showed conclusive evidence that it was a good goal, LaRue deemed it non-reviewable and upheld his no-goal call. Today the Wings got screwed again by referees. NO replay shows that the puck crossed the line on Steve Ott's shootout attempt. Actually, you guys, the NHL, has admitted it, since you said that there was no conclusive evidence of a goal. And I'll go further, I will say that the replay shows that with 99% probability the puck was not in. The nearest referee actually did a great job and followed the puck closely. He saw it all from close range and said no goal. However, the badly placed referee Mike Leggo and a linesman, who both saw it a worse angle, decided to overturn the first referee and the war room's decision and call it a goal. This is ridiculous! The NHL rulebook does in no place state that the referees judge goals democraticly and when there is no video evidence and the call on the ice is no goal, it should be no goal.

Decisions like this gives you guys a bad reputation. It takes away from the credibility of the game we all love. When we cannot trust the right decisions to be made, when we cannot trust that the referees and the league are capable of using their eyes and use logical thinking, when we can't trust you to be fair and balanced, well then you have a problem.

I don't wanna accuse you of anything so instead I will give you a few alternative theories I have for this decision. If one of them is right, then point it out, if not tell me the real reason. But do not underestimate and humiliate us fans by blatantly lying and saying Mike Leggo was right and had the right to make this call.

Was Mike Leggo afraid to make the homecrowd sad?
Are you guys trying to give voulnerable markets like Dallas a push?
Do you try to derail the Red Wings to make the way to the cup easier for baby Sid?
Are you guys just incompetent?

Whatever it is, you all should take yourselves by the neck and rebuild the whole organisation so we can believe in you all again.

Sincerly yours, a very disappointed
Anders Danbolt Ajer
Oslo, Norway

P.S. And I shell out big bucks on ESPN 360 for this?!


  1. Sick to my stomach reading all the coverage today. Couldn't see the game last night and I'm about to stop reading all the recaps. We needed 2 points last night.

    Had to bail on TOV tonight because I ended up with company in town this weekend...which is irrelevant this morning anyway because I found out last night that I'll be working all day today on a client assignment. I have NO doubt that we will soon unite these clans via trans-atlantic interweb vocal communications and I'm stoked to make that happen. Just couldn't pull it off today. Sorry brotha...

  2. Andy, you are in our heads. Brian and I were wondering yesterday how you watch games, and you answered it here (ESPN 360). So weird...I was seriously going to comment on here to ask you.

    Nice letter. I think you should mail it. Send it certified, so you know the bastards signed for it. I don't even know what else to say. I wrote a rant, too, but it doesn't even capture the level of frustration I feel today.

  3. Rob: Someday, somehow.. :P

    Natalie: hahah. Before I used to just stream or use a dl-site, but I went legit a few weeks ago.

    Maybe I should mail it, but it probably wouldn't make any difference