Friday, January 1, 2010

Red Wings 4 - Refs and Dives 2

The Dive players did a fair bit of diving last night

What a way to close out 2009. I am pretty damn proud of the guys today.

Colorado seemed to come out with the quickest step and before the first TV-timeout they had the most pressure. They seemed to always have two guys on the puck and be very well positioned. But after that timeout the Wings started going, got momentum, created chances and played good and entertaining hockey. Through the whole game, but especially in the first period, the defensemen had a lot of good, yet risky passes, made at high speed and they rarely went wrong.

The second period was Detroit's period (except for when they were shorthanded). The Wings had a lot of chances and capitalized on one when Pasha got a nice pass from Tuzzi, went up to Foote, used him as a screen and placed it in the top corner. Towards the end of the period, the Wings got another one. While short handed Draper sent a puck out of the zone. Hejduk seemed slow on it, probably thinking we had time and when he started up it was already too late. Helm had grabbed it, skated to the net and buried it in the top corner. Sadly the Avs came back just a minute later when Howard lost sight of a flying puck, went out to handle it too late and got beat on a scramble in front of the net.

The Avs were better in the third and though the play was end to end, they pressured for a tying goal, helped by some ridiculous penalties. They got the tying goal with 7 mins or so left on a Power Play where Rafa fell over Howard's leg and missed his man. The Wings came back with some good pressure and answered when Leino (!) steared a high Meech shot into the net. The Avs had some chances on a PP with their goalie pulled towards the end, but Helm killed it all off by scoring in the empty net

- Howard was pretty good, except for the one bad goal.
- Anderson was pretty frickin awesome too, gonna be exciting to see which one of them gets the last US goalie spot.
- Leino had one of his best games of the season. Not only did he score, but I also noticed several plays he made that weren't useless.
- I love how Maltby acts after the whistles
- The referees did what they could to screw the Wings over and I think half of the Wings penalites should either never have been called and/or have lead to an Avs diving minor.
- Listen up you useless fuckwad referees: When you're far away from the play and your partner is 3 feet away with a clear view, and he doesn't signal a penalty, then don't be a frickin baboon and decide that you know so much better than him that you're gonna call it.
- Pasha had a really nice game
- Val was quite awesome too
- I like how Ritola threw his body around. Maybe he's tough enough after all?

Play of the game
Pasha (read with heavy Russian accent): "Hey, mister Hejduk, I hear you have reputation for being fancypants. Let's see how you do at this... Ha! I dangle you! Don't look now, I dangle you again. I think I have humi... NO! I dangle you a third time just for luck, NOW you have been humiliated enough. I win, I awesome, I gonna score goal later on!"

Player of the game
Even before he scored I thoughed Darren Helm was the best player on the ice. Running around, hitting, creating stuff. And seeing him finally bury, not one, but two goals just made my day. I fucking love you Darren!

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