Thursday, January 14, 2010

Rock you like a hurricane

I haven't read any other pregames yet, but I apologize if any others have already used the title.
The Scorpions together with Sabbath were the ones to bring me into metal and I love them. So I kinda love the fact that the Canes go on ice to this one. But tonight the Wings are gonna rock THEM. Why? Because as someone wrote on a poster at the Joe during the 02 finals: "There is no hurricane season in Detroit". To do that the Wings will need a totally different performance from the one on Long Island. They need to skate harder, want it more, forecheck better, have waaay more poise with the puck and have better timing on their passes. If they can do that they will beat the Canes. It's as easy as that.

There are several changes in the lineup tonight:
1. Doug Janik is reassigned to where he belongs, Grand Rapids, which means that...
2. Jonathan Ericsson is back. Välkommen tilbaka kompis, Gud va jag har saknat deg. Kunde du tänka deg at scora et mål eller två i kväld?
3. Ville is out. YAY!... Which means that...
4. Brad May is in. Well, at least he battles

Jimmah will get his 10th consecutive start. That looks a lot like he's the starter in my book.

So the Canes...

The record
Even though they are pretty much the same team as the one that went to the Eastern finals last year they sit in 15th in the East (and 30th in the NHL) with 45 GP and 35 points. Weak. They are 14-24-7. But they are on a good streak and have won their last three, so look out.

The goalies
Most likely Ward will start, but I'd like to see our old friend Legace. Ward has played 30 games, is 9-15-5 with a 2.88 GAA and a .907 save %. Not the Ward we saw last playoffs. Legacy has 13 games (10 of them starts) a record of 4-5-2, a 3.04 GAA and a .898 save %.

The players
Old man Whitney leads the team in points with 32, followed by Staal (30), (Jussi) Jokinen (28), Cullen (27) and (Tuomo "not the dirty bastard one") Ruutu (25). Their top goalgetter is also Whitney with 14 followed by Jokinen, Ruutu and Sutter with 11 each and Staal with 10. Their top guy in +/- is Tom Kostopolous with +2. Cullen, Dwyer and Jiri Tlusty (a guy I have seen twice in person, first with the Leafs in their 1-4 home loss against the Sabres January 1st 09 and then for the Marlies in a home win against the Chops the next day) are all even. The rest are negative and the worst is captain Brind'amour with -20 followed by LaRose, (ex Wing) Ward, Samsonov and Pitkanen with -14, -13, -12 and -11 respectively.

Keys to the the game
- Can the Wings look like they want it?
- Can they like make passes that hits the right player and on the blade, not in the skates?
- Which Pasha will we get?
- How will Ericsson look?
- Can Howard do something amazing?
- Z has looked like he's either still injured or just has lost some upper body strenght. Can he prove me wrong and win his battles tonight?
- Will we see my readers Sara and Nurse Nitz on TV tonight? They got my help with some Swedish for some posters welcoming back Z and E. If anyone sees posters with Swedish on them then tell me. Have fun ladies!

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