Saturday, January 9, 2010

Sharks pregame

Oh, hi again Todd

So, it's the Sharks tonight and the Wings will definitely need to be less anemic than against the Kings to win this one, because the Sharks are hot right now. Same lineup as against the Kings except for Leino out, May in.

The record
The Sharks are second in the west with 44 games played, 63 points and a record of 28-9-7. Their last ten games they are 9-1-0, so yup, they're shit hot.

The goalie
I expect Evgeni Nabokov to start and his stats are as following: 38 GP, 24-6-7, a 2.31 GAA, .923 save percentage, 2 shutouts and 6 PIM. Considering his usually mediocre standards it seems like he's having a great season.

Everyone posts pictures from the movie Jaws, so I thought I post the Bond character Jaws. He scared the bejesus out of me when I was a kid.

The players
Joe Thornton leads them in points with 48(!), followed by Heatley (47), Marleau (45), Boyle (33) and Clowe (30). Their goals leader is Marleau with 28, followed by Heatly (25), Thornton (11) and Clowe and Setoguchi (10 each). Their leader in plus/minus is Marleau with +17, followed by Thornton (+14) and Heatley (+13). On the other end of the scale we find Nichlol (-6) and McGinn (-3).

Keys to the game
- Can Howard follow up the Kings game with another great game?
- Can the Wings limit the Sharks's scoring opportunities, especially for their top line?
- Can Pasha and Z create some offense?
- What will Helm do to amaze us?
- Can the Wings play a better game?


  1. JAWS!!! One of my favorite bond villains ever... Especially because it was so cheesy. Didn't one of the Bond films have a shark tank in it in the villain's secret lair? They all kind of blend together for me.

    Dang, I forgot what a good 1st line San Jose has. Jimmah just better learn to fly. I'm not sure standing on his head will quite do it. Hope Z's got his legs back and that Pasha returns to being...Pasha.

    Am watching Hockey Night in Canada on TV, Leafs vs. Pens. Was really hoping to make myself feel better by seeing a power play that's worse than ours. Instead, they score. FAIL. I hate the Penguins...

  2. Jaws is great! Cheesy is always a plus. I think what you're referring to is in the first movie Jaws appears in. The spy who loved me?