Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Stinking up the Barn - redux

Edit 11:18 AM:
Yeah, so I saw the rest of the game and I have to say it was nothing better. Ozzie really sucked on all three goals he let in.

This game leaves me with a bad feeling. The Wings got shut out for the seventh time this year and they seemed to do nothing right. Granted the Islanders were good, but the Wings seemed to be second to every puck, weakest in every battle and the passes were sloppy and panicky. The timing was off on just about everything. Just a stinker, a real bad one. Why does the Wings seem to let up against weaker teams? I'm a bit scared about the Canes game too (I first wrote "Cans" by mistake and it almost made me smile), are the Wings gonna get themselves together for that one or just continue this shit? Hopefully getting Ericsson back can light a little fire under their arses. Fuck this sucked. End of edit.

So, Kronner's knee has no extra injury... As discussed in the comments here a few of us really feared this one, and for a good reason, this one stunk!

The Islanders started out best and after just a couple of minutes Meech got beat severly behind the net. They Isles got it out in front, where Stuart didn't have his man and bang! 1-0. Then Helm went down. I was ready to vomit, but he was back the next shift. Through the next minutes both teams had some great chances, but the Wings seemed to turn over the puck a lot and their passes seemed to hit skates, the heels of sticks and just not be accurate. The game continued in this vein through much of the period, but with fewer chances. Towards the end of the period the Islanders took over again and they got another goal after Helm fell and lost the puck in his own zone. After that both Janik and Rafalski tried to give the Islanders more goals, but luckily Howard stood tall. Shit period. Outplayed by the Islanders.

The second started off like the first ended, the Wings played sloppy and didn't get a shot on goal for like 6-7 minutes at least. Actually 9. Then Stuart made the worst turnover ever and Schremp got alone with Howard for his second of the night. Howard out, Ozzie in, lots of line changes. That didn't help, the Islanders continued to dominate. Then the Isles got a PP, then Streit scored. Horrible by Ozzie. Towards the end the Wings got a PP. They had some established zone time, but no dice, instead Dats took a penalty to make it 4-on-4.

12 mins left. 3:02 AM. I'm giving up. I'll watch the rest and update this tomorrow

- 3 man referee crew. Weird.
- Ville Leino, I know you're a moron, but please try and understand this "get the puck deep!" No English you say? Swedish then "Få pucken djupt i den offensiva sonen!" I can't give it to ya in Finnish, but this should convey my feelings: Perkele Voi Vittu, Saatana Joulopoukki (Fucking butterpussy, Satan's Santa Claus).
- Kronner and Lilja would never make those ridiculous "just get it out of the zone"-plays.
- If you're gonna be South Korean and move to America Richard Park is a nice name to have. Guy could've been named Sum-Yong-Fuk or something. Just saying.
- I think it was right to put Ozzie in. It shook things up, Ozzie got to see ice, Howard got to rest a bit and there was no way the game could be fucked up harder anyway.
- Gotta credit the Islanders for good puck movement and an excellent forecheck. Still, the Wings sucked.
- Note to Ken Daniels: I do not care if two 51s or 13s or whatever are battling. It's not that weird. Call me when two 666s are battling and I'll crank up some Sabbath and run for cover, but until then, shut up about that.
- Octopusses are for playoffs damnit!

Keys to the game
-Can Jimmah shine once again?Not as spectacular as in the last couple of games, but he made quite a few excellent saves. Then he was pulled. Not that he was bad, none of the goals were his fault.

- Will Nick score?

- Will Z look better tonight?
He has poise, but he seems like he's lacking some upper body strenght right now and he seems to lose a lot of battles. Still he's a presence.

- What will Helm do to amaze us?
Fall a lot (bad skate in the first?). Other than that he ran around and did lots of stuff like the little energizer-bunny he is.

- Can Pasha get another one?

- Will the Wings realize that Tavares is always in the same spot (far side, a little outside the crease) on the PP and that he is lethal from there?
Luckily they did...

Play of the game

Player of the game
Cleary battled hard, but this is mostly a choice just to choose someone.


  1. You know what? I REALLY hate being right. I said it to someone before the Toronto game & they just laughed...saying it'd be a breeze. I don't care how many points you have in the standings, the only thing that matters when you're playing a team is right now. And as we know, everyone plays their very best when they play the Wings. Well, except the Sharks, but they're supposed to be where we were 15 yrs ago, so...

    To give the Islanders credit, they looked very good from the get-go. Not the most exciting style of hockey, but even me, not a hockey player by any means, knows that you can't take your merry time coming out of your own zone or make blind rink-wide passes against a team that plays like a bunch of Helmers zooming around on the ice forechecking like crazy. I began to understand how hard the "Energy Line" must be to play againt. Speaking of Helm, I too almost vomited when I saw him limping off the ice in the 1st. Was glad to see him back out there, but he wasn't skating the greatest. Skate or knee? It better be the skate. And Stuart...oh you've been playing so good, but I had trippy flashbacks to Game 7 with that play...

    I also feel slightly responsible for this loss... I made a new year's resolution that I would go to the gym and work out really hard on my days off if the Wings promised to work really hard every game... I wasn't feeling well, so I didn't work out today. Sorry guys.

    Canes won their 3rd straight. Wings will be angry, but I really wish that they didn't have to have bad games to get themselves revved up. I don't know who threw the octopus, but my mood tonight automatically went to an Isles fan mocking us for our position outside the playoffs. I'm glad we only play them once a yr.

  2. I basicly agree with everything you said here. Hopefully the guys can get their act together for the Canes game. I think if E's coming back that might help them get motivated

  3. I actually kinda hoped the anachronistic octopus would bring good luck. FAIL.

  4. The real reason the Wings lost so badly last night? The hockey gods got pissed that Lady Gaga was performing at The Joe while the Wings were on their road trip. They thought it was only fair to give the fans a similar performance to that being witnessed on stage... aka. a disaster...

  5. Natalie: So did I, but well.. as you said. EPIC FAIL!

    Nurse: Hah probably. Lady Gaga is a ManBearPig without any talent at all. She can't sing, her music sucks, she's not pretty and she's an attention whore.

  6. Nurse nitz and I have a huge favor to ask of you... being the super cool people that we are, we on occasion make signs and bring them down rinkside during warm-ups- especially when a one of the guys is making his triumphant return. We'll be at the game tomorrow and would really like to make one for Hank (and possibly E, if he'll be back) in Swedish- we kinda thanked Joulupukki for bringing back Fil in our last signs... We're just awesome that way :) Would you mind telling us how to say "welcome back" or whatever other phrase you think might fit in Swedish?

  7. "Välkommen tilbaka..." is welcome back...

  8. and if you're making one for Z, how about "Länga leva Kung Henrik" = Long live King Henrik

  9. You're welcome. I'll look for you guys on the TV