Wednesday, January 6, 2010

To cheer you up

Shit game, we came out skating, but died after the first gosl. Total suckfest. Saw the result today and I am happy Val got one. Plan to watch some third period highlights later.

But we all need cheering up and you will get it. Because now I present to you a video from back in my long haired days. It was 2 yrs ago at something called a folk high school (Wikipedia it) that I went to for a year. This video is from a covers gig. I sing and play bass. Just have to note that my hair is shorter now and these days I'm a bit more of a singer than growler. Still, fun video:


  1. Andy?!!!

    A "growler", eh?
    OK, now post a 'shorter haired' "singer".

    Fun stuff.

  2. Well, never was a pure growler, but I'm forced to do a little more melody nowadays. I sadly have no video or audio of my band right now...

  3. um...yea...really needed that one. my only rebuttal to this will be when video surfaces from this year's NYE "Jersey Shore" party...and even then it won't compete.

    thought - is this new intro for our episode of TOV?

  4. I'll try, but there are none coming up really. My original band is in rebuild mode as we put thrash metal on hold and has gone grunge (I only play bass in that one).

    My other band, the one I sing in, is pretty new, it was only my third rehearsal with them today...

  5. @ Rob: Hehe.. hopefully not.

    I have a few more from the same gig and point in time laying around (Walk by Pantera, Hallowed by they Name by Maiden (I don't sing on that one), Justice/One by Metallica and an original). I will put them up here when I feel we all need them.