Saturday, January 30, 2010

Turnover Night at the Joe

Isn't it sweet to see one of those worst-team-wins games go the Wings' way?

Norwegian word/phrase of the night
Hockeyhore = Puck bunny. While we don't have enough interest in hockey to get the full on, grown up bunnies, we have teenaged chicks who go to practices and games, or hang out outside the hotels in hockey camps in hopes of getting hockey bf. They're usually pretty skanky, but I'll admit that they can liven up boring afternoons at hockey camps. As you might have guessed, the direct translation of "hockeyhore" is "hockey whore". The direct translation of "puck bunny" would be "puck kanin", which makes no sense.

The first started with a horrible turnover by E. It lead to some good Nash chances. But the eurotwins changed the momentum with a good shift and then Eaves drew a (cheap) penalty. The PP looked dangerous at first, but then turned into horrible. The next period was open in style, but Bubba had the best chances. Jimmah bailed us out several times. And it continued badly. Nashville had three more breakaways, two of them after horrible turnovers (Bert and ?). Luckily a combination of Jimmah mojo and luck saved them. Towards the end the Wings got a PP and with a second left Filppula took a shot, Miller redirected it and Williams pushed it into the net. Just after that Pasha made a bad pass in his own zone that Z couldn't reach. On the play that followed Kronner lost his stick (and got Z's) and the ensuing play ended with a cross ice pass. Jimmah got a little of the shot, but not enough. Bad period. Lucky to be tied.

The second started with more trouble, including a chance that Stuart saved off the line. That play also included the world's biggest goalie interference and a skate nearly cutting Kronner's face to shreds. The Wings then got a little better and got another PP. A nice play where Nick saved a puck from clearing the zone and Z threw a perfect blind pass ended with the puck on Pasha's stick. He found Nick sneaking in. Perfect shot. And then the Wings got another PP. The PP itself gave nothing, but 3 seconds after it Miller deflected a Stuart shot. It didn't go in, but he batted in his own rebound. Nashville came right back on attack and predictably got a make up PP. The PP looked dangerous, but didn't score. The Wings got some chances right after that as they caught a tired Nash team. Nashville continued stearing the game and with a few minutes left they got a breakaway. Hornquist hit the bar, but Lids took a penalty in the process. Another dangerous looking PP, but no goal. The Preds continued pressing and got another PP with a little over a minute left. It was a cross-check, but the guy blew a wheel too and I find it baffling that the guy who attacked Kronwall after it didn't get called. The first half of the Nash PP (the rest of the period) was killed nicely.

The third started with the rest of the Bubba PP. It was killed, but Bubba continued pounding the Wings and finally got a goal off a shot from Weber that deflected off Stuart. Soon after Z gave them another chance, but O'Reilly hit the crossbar on an open net. Thank God. Instead the Wings scored a couple of minutes later. Z shot it from behind the goal line, it bounced off Ellis and in. The Wings seemed a little more awake after that, but didn't dominate. With 90 seconds left the Wings got penalized. Nash PP. Killed off for two huge points.

(Lack of/attempts at) Thoughts
- After Versus and FS Wild it feels fantastic to have a FSD feed.
- Helm seemed to hate Hörnquist. Rocked him several times.
- I have no more thoughts really tonight.

Keys to the game
- How will Williams look? Will we notice him?
He had a couple of good wristers. Scored a PP goal. Had a boring interview. Otherwise pretty invisible.

- Will Z and Nick continue their onslaught? Can Z catch on?
The first Nash goal came after Pasha made a bad play in his own zone and gave the Preds zone time. The second goal was off an amazing play including all three. They all got points on the Z goal too.

- Jimmah?!?
He had to make some great saves early on. Saved the Wings in the first for sure. And continued to be good in the second. And once again in the third.

- Sixty minutes pur-lease
Hahahahahaha. The first was terrible. Just fucking hopeless. The second was a little better, but they still was the second best team on the ice. The third was a bit better, but still Nashville dominated.

Play of the game
The second goal. What a play!

Player of the game
Jimmah. 48 saves.

And now for a sothing guitar solo before we all go to sleep:

Scheize, it's late for Christ's sake and I have work at 10:15 AM. Night folks.


  1. Great title. And oh so true. I'm not sure where the D went (maybe to Vegas early in ancitipation of Helmer/Lebda arriving in a few weeks?) lately, but it really needs to come back. But isn't that how it is for this team? When the offense dries up, we do well with the D? When we start scoring, we lose all focus on how to defend our zone? Same thing with special teams. Part of me sees the team that we had at the beginning of the season all over again. I lost count of how many times we handed the puck over to Bubba on a silver platter. I realize that you don't want to break up your #1 & #2 D-pairings, but holy shit, the #3 pairing of Ericsson/Lebda continues to give me heart attacks everytime they touch the ice.

    Tiberius/Jimmah had to work mighty hard for his paycheck tonight, but honestly, I felt a whole lot more comfortable with him giving off giant rebounds than I do Ozzie, mainly because I think the D's figured out what they need to do. Like how to get Stuart play 2nd goalie... And Eaves, once again I was impressed with his play tonight & his willingness to just sacrifice the body to block shots. He must've blocked at least 3 good ones in the final minute & a half of the game. He and Stuart, I think, are largely responsible for keeping history repeating itself. And don't think I didn't have panicked flashbacks back to that Phoenix game...

    That being said, it was nice to see our PP connect, and actually look, at times...y'know, dangerous. Lidstrom is ON FIRE right now, and it was good to see Z pot one in, even if it was from a funky angle. Hopefully that will get him going, right in time to meet Pittsburgh. At least they continue to have a worse PP than we do...

    Also, thank you so much for the Norwegian phrase! In fact, I think I like the Norwegian for "puck bunny" better anyways. You rock!!

  2. Ah, the infamous puck bunny. Adjacent to the groupie on the whore tree. Listen girls, get a little self respect. If you're going to put things in your mouth (that you probably should'nt) at least get them to buy you something from Denny's, or spring for the motel room, or the LIMO. And another thing ladies, women are not jealous of you because you think that you're prettier than us, you get the dirty looks because your setting back womens equallity 50+ years, so thanks.
    I will get off of my soapbox now and say that the turnovers are driving me insane. It's not just the Wings either. My college basketball team (GO GREEN!!!!) kills themselves with f'n turnovers too. Pay attention to who is around you, especially when you pass.
    I too murmured under my breath throughout the whole game last night, "hold the two goal lead, hold the two goal lead." And we surprisingly did. Thank Jobu?

  3. Nurse: The title kinda gave itself to me. The offense and defense seems like yin and yang, and they cannot work together. The turnovers I will come back to in my answer to Dena. About the third pairing, well the problem is that both, E and Lebs need quality defense partners, and when Stuy is sliding, like he is right now, he needs one too. Can't wait to get Lilja back.

    Jimmah was excellent. I hope Ozzie studied him carefully. Jimmah's rebounds are often more controlled than Ozzie's, often to less dangerous areas and the defense know where to find it. I also think that Howard often is in a better position to make the second save than Ozzie is. Stuart seems great at saving pucks on the line and I have loved his season, but right now he struggles a bit. Eaves, well, I love him. I wanna give him a huge hug and thank him for bringing such fire to the team this year. He's a keeper.

    Funny thought on Nick and Stuy: Nick has been great defensively all season, but his offense took off when pressure to carry the team defensively was lifted off of him. Stuy on the other hand was great in both ends when he was called upon to carry a huge load, but now he seems to have a bad period.

    Dena: Yeah, who are these girls? I guess the ones over here are usually either classmates of some of the guys or when it comes to hockey camps, bored teens in small cities, but still, the dress sense, the attitude, everything is just so wrong. (And just to make it clear about the "can liven up a boring afternoon" thing: I never slept with a puck bunny. What I mean is that when 30 guys play hockey together for a week, well, the atmosphere gets kinda macho and it brings some life to the group to get a female influence. Also, admittedly, at the time they were ego boosters, I mean, what 14,15 year old guy doesn't like having girls running around beeing fascinated with them.)

    Funny story about puck bunnies. Or actually non-bunnies. We were at a hockey camp in Sweden when I was 15 and well, let's say a couple of the guys had gotten a little too used to the admiration of the puck bunnies that hung out outside our hotel. So, one day we went to the beach. While waiting for the bus back to the hotel to leave we spotted to girls about our age waiting for the bus. The couple of most arrogant guys went up and started flirting shamelessly with them. The girls were not impressed and gave them the ice cold treatment. So, someone had the nice idea inside the bus that someone should propose to one of them. This idea was popular and everyone agreed to donate 20 SEK (about 2 or 3 bucks) each to the one who did it. Noone dared to, so as the only Norwegian of the gang I stepped up. I went down on my knees in front of her and asked her to marry me. The reply: A kick in the face. I deserved that. I also deserved my 20 SEK x30. :P

    On to the turnovers. The attention thing is a good point, but there's really one huge factor at play that few people talk about. From playing hockey I know that making the right play come from confidence. If you are confident you feel able to take the time to look up and find the man for the pass. If you are unconfident, you bail out of plays, throw the puck away and just don't feel able to take the time. That might be the problem for our D.

  4. You mention confidence issues with our D. The way you interpreted it makes perfect sense. Thank you, I love to watch sports, but when it comes to coordination and grace, I come up a BIG doofus. I think Stewie (I love Family Guy)and Kronner need to get used to each other again. Their timing is probably off and they will get it together soon.
    And that brings me to the issue of the puck bunnies, and yes band groupies too. This is also a confidence issue.These girls think that if a guy, especially a guy in a band or on a team, has sex with them, that guy is really into them. When that is usually not the case. I am by no means saying that all guys are like this, but most guys will have sex with anybody, they don't have to find the girl attractive. The saying in America is "any port in a storm." I've been hanging out with musicians for 20+ years and nothing ever changes. These groups of girls usually end up turning on each other because of the competition factor. It's a pretty lonely existance.
    I don't really notice puck bunnies at the Joe. I can't think of a instance of where I have even seen one. The United Center is a totally different story. That place is infested. It's just amazing to me that these girls measure their existance on whether or not they can hook up with a Blackhawk.
    I am not saying that getting laid is a bad thing. Every body needs to sew their oats, if that is what they choose to do. Sometimes you don't make the right decision, especially after a few drinks. You just need to take care of yourself. There not only diseases to be concerned about, but there are alot of crazy girls, and guys out there.

  5. Stu and Kronner need to meet again, full time. Kronner always has the confidence, patience and poise to do the right stuff. An example of low confidence/panic = turnover: First goal of the unspeakable game. As everyone knows, it should have been an icing. Stuart definitely thought so and when it turned out it wasn't he panicked. He didn't know what to do, and didn't have the confidence and patience to take his time and do the right thing. Instead he threw the puck away and Talbot got it. The rest is histo.. no, supressed memories.

    Yup, puck bunnies are probably a confidence thing. I guess that for the younger ones, the ones following non-famous youth players, the prospect of a well trained body comes in too, but yeah, confidence has a lot to do with it. Yeah, all men are scum :P Meh, but I'll be the first to admit, there are a lot of attractive girls out there. The level of feelings we have to have to date a girl is just so much higher than the one we need to go to bed with her

    BTW, forgot it in the last comment, but around here we don't thank Jobu. We might curse him, but never praise him (not that I am not Christian, but still). When I curse God I mean Jobu. When I hail God, I mean Frank Zappa. That's who we thank around here. If you should be so fail that you're not a fan, then Helm is your second option.

  6. Thanks for clearing the whole Jobu thing up for me, I'm still learning. Can't wait for the game tomorrow, my blood pressure is rising in anticipation of meeting Princess Cindy in her castle.

  7. hehe. All pray to the twin deities of Frank and Helm!

    Cindy's going D.O.W.N. (yes, like the band that succeeds in being worse than both Pantera and CoC). Actually: "She goes down, she goes down, Sid goes down, down, down (all night long)"

  8. Dude, nice Crue reference. FUN band. I love Pantera and I miss Dimebag more than anyone will ever know.

  9. And BTW, Dr. Feelgood is what I am listening to in my car right this minute.

  10. The Crue are fun for sure. Seen them live twice and both were just amazing entertainment. Actually I got Jäger from Tommy the first time.

    I still remember the day Dime died like it was yesterday. I was coming into school and a mate of mine was on his school laptop talking to a mutual Australian friend on MSN. Suddently the guy's nick changed to "Tyler - R.I.P. Dimebag". We both just went "whaaaat?" and he sent us a link to an article about it. We were just crushed and I remember calling my best friend (the Avs fan) angrily claiming that "they fucking went out and killed Dimebag" (not a stab at Anselmo BTW). I also remember getting told off by the teacher for blasting Pantera all day in class and the confusion about wether or not Vinnie was still alive. That was a shit day. People like Dime, Cliff Burton, Randy Rhodes, who were all taken from us way too early and not due to drugs or anything else they brought upon themselves, well it just breaks my heart.

  11. I've been meaning to tell you, the only other Norwegian that I know is Toki Wartooth. Do know Metalocalypse?

  12. I am aware of it, but have sadly not seen it. When it originally came out it wasn't available here.

    BTW, would love to hear another metalhead's perspective on the first part of this:

    That band sure divides opinion

  13. I personally feel that the band has not been the same since Cliff Burton died. Ride the lightning, master, and Kill em all were phenomenal albums. Justice for all was ok, that is the point they started to lose me.
    As an aside, I went to the same high school as Jason Newsted. I graduated with his sister. As a matter of fact, his mom was my brownie (little girl scouts) leader when I was 8 or 9.
    The whole Napster thing pissed me off. Back in the 80's, bands like Metallica and Exodus, Anthrax, allowed fans to tape their live shows, and said fans would trade tapes. Lars didn't have a problem with this form of file sharing.(I'm talking about cassette tapes,have you ever seen one?:) )
    My other problem is the divided camp on whether the "hair bands" should be referred to in the same breath as Metallica. Well I like alot of the hair bands and I think alot of them were clumped into that genre when they didn't deserve it. Bands like Tesla and The Cult (my top 2 bands by the way, and top two guitar players, Frank Hannon and Billy Duffy, just awesome live BTW)were never hair bands. Now Poison,Warrant, and Ratt, yes, but their music has their place, its good party music and cheesy, but cheesy is good sometimes.
    My point is, Metallica is not vilified for wanting their money for their music, but the whole era of 80's rock/metal is because of their decadence and greed. I think they are the same thing.
    Then the 90's came along and grunge. Don't get me wrong, Alice in Chains is in my top 5 bands and I like STP also. That decade was saved by rap and Crue. I really like Crue always have I don't think another band puts on a live show like the Crue.Even when they were first touring, somebody was on fire and there were alot of chicks naked. Insane. The Carnival of Sins tour was awesome, I went 3 times. The Crue are not musicians in the true sense of the word, but man are they FUN. It's the same with Kiss.Not a big fan, but they put one hell of a show on.
    Pantera/Damageplan and Black Label Society round out my top 5. Everything that Zakk Wyld has ever done is AWESOME.

  14. As a bass player I can agree that the Cliff era was the best and I can only dream of how Justice would have been with him on it.

    As a young musician I can identify with the Napster thing. I might be a bit of a hypocrite as I have downloaded things, but I agree with Metallica that the artists themselves should control their music and be able to get paid for their art. Metallica's stance were there to protect those rights and though Lars said some ridiculous things in the heat of the moment, most of the things he said in the deeper interviews makes sense to me. When it comes to tape trading, Metallica has never had a problem with that and I don't think they have a problem with it today either. They recently started recording all live shows and then selling them for a low price (basicly a price that makes them break even), and they say that one should feel free to share with a friend, just not with everyone. To me that's a better deal than trading shitty bootlegs (though bootlegs has their own charm). But I'm a sheepish Metallica fan, so I'm biased.

    Yes I have spent a lot of time with tapes and my dad's car still has a tape player (lol).

    The thrash bands and the hair bands are two very separate things in my book. I love both, but there's probably some kind of a border between art music (the big four etc) and entertainment music (glam). To me glam is pop songs with a layer of heavy guitars and some rock/blues influences and guitar solos. And as I am quite all eating when it comes to music, I don't mean that as a bad thing. Metallica's (and to a certain extent Megadeth's, though Dave was pushed by greedy bandmates) later more commercial albums appear to me as more of a way to change stuff up and do something fresh, than trying to make pop songs or make money (which I guess we can agree that the later, worse hair bands, the ones that ruined the genre, did).

    While I see the point about money and greed, I think there is a big difference. The glam scene became a big scene of bands wanting hits on MTV and a quick buck, while Metallica made the records they wanted to make (if they wanted to get richer off the Loads they'd have made The Black Album part 2 or a new Master of Puppets), but wanting control over their music and wanting the pay they deserve for it. While I don't think any of those guys need more money, I admire them for taking a stand for all the musicians releasing records on independent labels, selling small amounts of records and not making much money. I used to try and achieve that, and maybe I still hope too, but I have grown more realistic with age, so in a way I feel that the Anti-Napster people took a stand for my rights as well as their own. While the hair bands wanted Party, Pussy and Paycheck (as the singer in Ratt used to put it) and nothing more.

    While grunge in a way killed metal, or put it to sleep for a while, I am still thankful for the era. Not only did it produce some excellent music (AiC are Gods, even without the almighty Layne), but it also was a reality check for metal. The rap also helped the 90s, but it seemed to die when NWA was over, Public Enemy irrelevant, Snoop cut "Doggy" from his name and parted ways with Dre and Tupac died. Nowadays rap is as bland and commercial as a genre can get.

  15. The Crüe are great. Nikki is an amazing writer of pop songs, Tommy has a knack for simplistic, but energetic and pounding rythms, Mick provides the bluesy edge and well Vince used to be a great singer (still isn't bad, but I wish he wouldn't cut every second word live). They're as you say FUN.

    While I love Pantera, Damageplan kinda bored me and well, you're gonna hate me for this, but I cannot stand Zakk Wylde. I saw him with BLS and then Ozzy in 07 and it was horrible. The guy uses pinch harmonics every other second, which makes it annoying (while Dime's more delicate use of it made it awesome). Putting them into classic riffs like the one in crazy train is just blasphemy and the guy himsefl stood out as the most arrogant jerk off I have seen on a stage except for Liam Gallagher. Weirdly enough this makes one of my best and one of my worst concert experiences include Ozzy. The original Sabbath was an awesome gig, Ozzy solo was kinda lame.

    I cannot do a top 5, but here's an attempt at a top 10. No order except for the first two:
    Frank Zappa
    Alice in Chains
    Rage Against the Machine
    Black Sabbath
    Captain Beefheart

    Jeez, that was long