Sunday, January 10, 2010

WIN! - Sharks recap

I'm sick, so short and sweet...

The Sharks looked best out of the gate, but the Wings got some good chances too, especially one from Abbie. Then Blake took a penalty. The PP was pretty weak and after it Lidström nearly gave the Sharks a good chance with a horrific giveaway. The Wings looked like they were getting into it around the halfway mark, but then they lost a faceoff, Jimmah gave a rebound and there was nothing they could do with Marleau's goal. Just gotta wonder? Who was supposed to hold up Heatley and Marleau? The goal seemed to fire the Wings up. They were the best team for the second half of the period. Their best chance came on a Cleary breakaway, but sadly Nabby saved.

The Wings had the puck the most in the beginning of the second, but they made too many sloppy passes, so the Sharks got the best chances. After a while the passes started connecting and then Ryan Clowe made a bad pass that Pasha snapped up at his own blue line. Dats then took it up ice and put it perfectly in the opposite top corner. 1-1! Except for a Sharks PP the Wings had the next part of the period. Then Janik took a shot which Eaves tipped into the net. His stick was just under the crossbar, so good goal. And then, Flip won the puck in his own zone, took it up ice for a 3-on-2 with Nick and Buckets, Buckets got it, took his time and roofed it. 3-1 Wings. The rest of the period saw a few Sharks chances, but no goal.

The third started with some Sharks pressure and thing looked grim after two icings when the Wings got it out, Helm took a giveaway to the net and battled it in. After that the Sharks naturally pressured, but the Wings played good defense and controlled the game. With 4-5 mins left Cleary took a minor penalty and also a fight against Setoguchi. They killed it off and won. Great game!

- If you're not Canadian you're worthless. At least according to Don Cherry. He's a racist pig, his remarks about OV last year were horrifying, but today took the cake. Naucea was not a part of whatever sickness I have until I saw tonight's coaches corner. What a sore loser. I bet he cried when USA won.
- Ken Daniels made so many mistakes. I think Murph must've shared his flask. I miss Mick.
- Z looked like he ha better legs tonight.
- Kudos to the Shark tank for playing She sells sanctuary and Hot for teacher.
- The 'vettes line is awesome. Fact.
- Eaves got his 50th career goal.

Keys to the game
- Can Howard follow up the Kings game with another great game?
He was good and solid. Not as spectacular as in LA, but didn't need to either. Great game actually.

- Can the Wings limit the Sharks's scoring opportunities, especially for their top line?
Well, they got quite a few of them, but nowhere near as many as the Kings got. And they didn't look that dangerous. The Wings played good defense, blocking shots, getting in the lines, keeping them to the outside and forechecked well.

- Can Pasha and Z create some offense?
Yup, the line won quite a few battles, had chances and Pasha scored the tying goal.

- What will Helm do to amaze us?
He worked hard, flew around and created havoc. And he won a battle right before Eaves's goal. Then he made an amazing play without a stick. And he scored. I was gonna give the player of the game to Pasha, but this guy stole it.

- Can the Wings play a better game?
Yup... Much better. Great one.

Play of the game
Pasha's takeaway, run up ice and perfect shot.

Player of the game
Darren, the king of Helm


  1. Don Cherry sucks at life. I usually fall asleep watching the NHL Network, but occasionally, if there's not a late game on, they'll show old episodes of his Grapevine show from the 1970s and 1980s. Talk about a rude awakening. If that doesn't give you the heeby-jeebies, I don't know what will.

    Hope you feel better!

  2. Don Cherry is awesome, I may personally not agree with 100% of the things he says, but I don't agree with anyone 100% of the time. Majority of the time he is great and has relevent points. Other than that I like your review, but please don't bash Don Cherry.

  3. Hehe, difference of opinion I guess. To me he's inflated, arrogant and pompous and you cannot argue that he's an extreme nationalist. None of those traits are especially attractive to Europeans, and especially not to us Scandinavians, so I reserve a right to hate him.

  4. Don Cherry is exactly what he's paid to be. Exaggerated, opinionated, and extremely biased against anyone who's not a "good Canadian boy." Whether he's like his on-TV persona, I have no idea, but he sure goes out of his way to make himself kind of a buffoon. I remember watching Hockey Night in Canada when I was a kid and I just don't remember him being quite so nationalistic. Maybe I didn't pay attention to it, but it seems like in the past 5 years or so, he's gotten more and more silly, with his outfits & bad goatee. I do agree with some of his hockey analysis, but him being a sore loser just sits wrong with me. Then again, people are tuning in all around Canada to see him be a sore loser. So I guess they're getting what they want. And CBC is making $$ off of it.

    Anyways, amazingly awesome game that I'm so glad I stayed up late for. For the first 5 minutes, I thought it was going to be another heart-attack inducing game, but we seemed to settle down and actually take the play to them. If everyone played with the kind of effort & heart that Helmer does every game, we'd be unstoppable. Pretty much all of our goals were ugly, scored off turn-overs, or driving the net. They were in the right position at the right time. I haven't seen that much all year. And the cat-calling by the Wings to Ericsson during his interview with Keating during the 2nd intermission was enough to ease my despair at the fact that Kronner is nowhere near ready to come back...

    I just hope the Wings remember to take our next two opponents seriously. They're "weak East teams," aka. exactly the type of team we like to lose against.

  5. Absolutely, but to me his persona personifies everything that is wrong with the "Canadian old time macho" attitude of hockey. It just scares me.

    Helm is an example to follow and by this comment I hearby join the choir saying that Helm needs to get the next free "A".

    Agree, those two games scare me shitless...

  6. You're right. I can sorta understand Canada's "It's our game" philosophy & the history of the sport in Canada, but as an American (or I imagine the same for Europeans), it kinda pisses me off. Baseball is "America's game" and I really could care less about it. Hockey is the world's game & we're better off for it. One of my favorite parts of The Joe is where the flags of every country represented on our team hang.

    I fully intend to watch Olympic hockey on CBC, simply because they have much better coverage, and who even knows if it will get a mention here in the US, but I'm really not looking forward to the whole "Team Canada for the gold and everyone else sucks" attitude. In fact, a lot of the players I can't stand (Crosby, Getzlaf, Perry, Toews, Keith to name a few) are featured on their team. I'm not even sure who I'm rooting for this year. I'm rooting for a great tournament where the players from every country involved get to showcase their contribution to the world of hockey, and that everyone comes home healthy. Okay, that sounded kind of campy, but it's true. Nonetheless, it'll be an exiting two weeks.

    And yes, very anxious about the upcoming games after witnessing the debacles vs. Florida & Atlanta this season in person. I watched the Carolina vs. Colorado game online the other day. They're not going to take this one sitting down...

  7. You know, I'm in many ways very pro-Canadian. I mean, I want several teams relocated back there, I think they are the best hockey nation etc etc, and I loved it when I was there, but they just shouldn't shove it in our faces.

    And that's why I have a problem rooting for team Canada. I will root for 1. Norway, 2. Healthy Red Wings, 3. The Swedish Red Wings, 4. Yzerman, Holland and Babbles, 5. Pasha, 6. Rafa, 7. Val

    You are very right, and the Islanders are also pretty hot nowadays actually...

  8. Thanks Christine. Today I feel relatively good :D

  9. Some Americans (me being an example) have a problem with Cherry's loud nationalism, too.

    As well as his suits. I wonder if he isn't starting to get senile, though - it would explain some of his wandering comments.

    And I'm rooting for Russia since Sweden won last time and I want to see Pavel and Fedorov get the gold medal (although one of my friends at work thinks I just want to see if Cherry explodes at the Russians winning gold in Canada).

  10. Yep, I'd figure a lot of Americans do...

    As much as I'd like to see Pavel win and Cherry explode, and as much as I love see Sweden losing at anything, I have an extreme love hate relationship with Fedorov. Good player, inflated ego, total douchebag comments about my man Scotty Bowman.