Thursday, January 28, 2010

Zero and sixty is not the same number

I decided to do the headlines in Norwegian tonight.

Shit game. They looked tired, and just bad. Oz didn't deliver and the refs decided to screw the Wings. Not good enough at all.

The game started off with an early (and maybe cheap, no replay) Wild PP. Stuart got caught in the middle of nowhere, forcing Rafa to unsuccessfully go after his man, leaving Rafa's man open to score. The Wings came back and scored on a rebound. Lids shot and Dats got the rebound. The there was a few shifts with nice chances for both teams. Then there was a period with many broken plays, much neutral zone time and an amazing display of Micke Samuelsson-like William Tell skills from Minnesota. Then Datsyuk blew a wheel behind his own goal (why does the Wings keep falling down?) and the puck was passed out to Miettinen who scored his second. The shot went in on Ozzie's short side and he seemed like he should be in position. He should have had that. Easily. The Wings came back at once when Datsyuk tipped in a Lidström shot less than a minute later. But the Wild came back again when a point shot hit a leg and went in. At first glance I thought Kronner should have had the guy it went off of, but then I noticed he had to try and take out two guys. Where was the other defenseman? Not going to fault Ozzie for that one, bad luck. Maybe a bit out of position, but nothing too bad. The last few minutes were uneventful.

The Wings got off to a good start of the second with a good first shifft, but after that they faded and was outplayed. Osgood bailed them out. Then Helm got penalized and the Wild went on the PP. It was killed, and the Wings got more pressure after that. Their best chance in the first half of the period was Eaves getting half an open net on a rebound. He hit the post. The Wings then got a PP. They had a couple of options, but not exactly good ones. The Wild seemed to feed off this and were the best the next few minutes. Even though Z had been raped by Koivu with no punishment a little earlier, Bertuzzi got penalized for battling for the puck. The kill was excellent and ended the period. This one was a meh. But at least Oz looked good.

The third started with some back and forth. Then Wings got a PP. That was negated by a high stick by Cleary quite soon after. Koivu made a very good sell on it. On the 4-on-4 Bert got totally dangled on the blueline, noone picked up Latendresse and Ozzie had no chance getting over. Then on the PP, the defense broke down, a puck went across the crease and Ozzie used a year getting over. 5-2. Stinker. Then a few minutes later the Wild got another PP. For what I have no idea. FSMinnesota hates penalty replays, but many calls seemed awfully soft. They killed it, but when they started playing again the refs decided to penalize them yet again on another play where both players were equally rough. Killed off, but it ended 5-2.

- I hate to watch Red Wings games on the other teams feed and the Wild announcer made many name mistakes and also, annoyingly, had the worst melody of speech ever.
- I know I have mentioned it before, but making the right decisions is an extremely important aspect of hockey. Kronner makes those again and again. Awww.. I am so happy he is back.
- Attention Team Ozzie: Ozzie also gives horrible rebounds. Difference is, the defense knows where Jimmah's will go, Ozzie's bring trouble.
- The refs were serious on the offsides both ways. None of the doubt went in the favour of the attackers.
- Good point at A2Y: "how many times a game do we say ‘oh my god jimmah!’ because he stopped something he had no chance at stopping? and how many times do we say ‘osgood had no chance...’ because he got beat on a shot he had no chance of stopping" Posted by Twig in Houston

- Sixty minutes please!
The Wings were never as good as in the last game and in most part they were just bad. The small bursts of good were not enough.

- Oz needs to step up!
Well, he looked shaky, a bit off position, had a bad goal go in, but made a few good saves. Then, when I thought Babs had broken him, he came back in the second and was ON. Ozzie on. Jeckyll and Hyde like. Then in the third he let in another bad goal. He wasn't very bad, but he did nothing to steal the game, made none of those "impossible saves" and didn't do anything to give the Wings a chance. Not enough. I want him to succeed, to be good, to like him, but he just keeps not delivering.

Kampens beste prestasjon
The tip on Pasha's second goal was nice.

Banens beste
Pasha. He was the least bad.


  1. Well at least I learned something from this game. I learned some words in Norwegian!

  2. Wehey! Well, at least it's something. Accurate translations (as my usual titles wouldn't really have worked in Norwegian):
    Sammendrag - Summary/recap
    Tanker - Thoughts
    Nøkkelpunkter - Key points
    Kampens beste prestasjon - The game's best achievement
    Banens beste - The field/ice's best

  3. I did type them all into Google Translate, and they all came out OK, except for Tanker, which inexplicably came out "tanks"!

  4. I guess it could mean that too, but I'd actually say "tanks".

  5. I freakin' love the Norwegian language lesson here. It was the only positive thing that I could find out of the entire shit show that was that Wings game. In fact, I think it would be ridiculously awesome if you gave us all a little Norwegian to learn each game, or at least some cuss words so that I can yell them at games and not feel guilty about saying them in front of the small children a couple seats down from me. Just a thought ;)

  6. Hehe

    Faen - Damn, fuck
    Helvete - Hell
    Fitte - Pussy, can be used like damn/fuck
    Faen i helvete - Fucking Hell

  7. LOL! Thanks, as always you so totally rock my world! I'm sure I'll be using this tonight as soon as I see Bert go to the box for another useless penalty...