Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Ahh, again...

Yeah, so after a couple of busy weeks, it's time for a proper game recap. Well, I fell asleep during the first commercial break, so I watched the rest now.

The Blues fot an early PP off a stupid play by Bert and that gave them a lot of momentum. They dominated the first period and not even a (bad) Detroit PP could get the Wings back in it. The Wings got the goal though, off a shot which was deflected first by the body of Helm, then Draper's skate. The Blues came back with pressure including a dangerous PP, but Jimmah stood tall.

In the second the Wings had more of the shots, but the Blues were still better. They got payoff for it. First, after a good looking Detroit PP, Perron got a little too much time and scored on a shot that went off Meech's stick. Then Kariya scored on a scramble, after Bertuzzi had made a horrible turnover and then also taken a delayed penalty.

The third started with PPs both ways and the Blues capitalized on theirs after Stuart was unable to hold up McDonald. After another Blues PP, the Wings came back and scored when Z shot a puck off Pasha's skate. Then, right before the end, Filppula won a goal mouth scramble and tied it up. The Blues pressured for the last two minutes, but Howard sent it to overtime.

Both teams had chances in the overtime, but Jimmah had the most work and did it well.

In the shootout Jimmah proved he is not a shootout goalie.

- Meech looked much better than Lebda
- I dislike Versus so badly.
- Bertuzzi has looked like shit lately.
- The Blues forecheck was great.
- I love Darren Helm.
- Stuart looks tired, just tired.

Keys to the game
- Julio Muleio? (Jah, das kleine ezel gewezen. Das Franzén. Jah, schnell. As you see, I speak no German)
He didn't look like he was in top shape, but showed that he has an ability to get into the right place to take a good shot.

- 60 minutes?
Hah, not even close. Maybe zero, or ten.

- Howard?
Can't be blamed for the goals. He had a strong game and secured the one point for the Wings. In the shootout though, he was horrible.

Play of the game
Meh, maybe the Dats goal. Nothing stood out.

Player of the game

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