Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Another day, another shot at redemption

This is giving me serious flashbacks to an event somewhere in Italy 4 years ago that I have forced myself to forget. Arrrgghh. There too all our favourites failed and it was two unlikely heroes that took home our goals. That said, the two first periods of the hockey game last night and the curling game against the US (narrow win) were much better. But it'd be sweet to get that gold. Not many chances today, but big ones:

- Will the men's alpine super combination go today after being postponed for weather reasons last night? If it does, Aksel Lund Svindal should be a favourite.
- Halfpipe for men. I don't think we'll do well there.
- Cross country sprint for women and men. If you're gonna see one event of xc these Olympics this is the one. Pretty exciting and understandable for everyone. In the women's event we are outsiders, but in the men's we have a strong team and should be able to take this one home. Which most likely means it will go to Sweden.
- We'll also play another curling game


  1. I just tried to comment on Alek's blog, but for some reason, it wouldn't let me, but here goes:

    I loved the hockey song link! And you do know how much I love good beer and good cheese. Maybe that means I was a Norwegian myself in another lifetime?

    Tough break in the hockey game yesterday. :-/

  2. hehe. You might just have been.

    The game was as expected really, but if they'd manage to take advantage of that 5-on-3 it could have been way less ugly

  3. Hey, at least it wasn't quite so bad, along the lines of losing 18-0 like the Slovak women's team did against Canada. Yikes...

  4. it was around where I expected, the first two were better, the last worse