Friday, February 12, 2010

Another one

Fine old single malt scotch whisky makes you sleepy. Fact. It also tastes damn good.

The first half of the first had a PP for both teams and some SJ control. Then the Wings got another PP and Franzén scored on a nice shot off a good feed from Z. Half a minute later the Sharks tied it off a weird bounce off the boards. The Wings came back from that with pressure and got another PP. On that PP Thronton decided to try and rape Z, but no penalty was called. Instead Homer got a reputation penalty. Towards the end the Wings dominated and Pasha forced Nabby to be stellar, but the Sharks got the lead with 7 seconds left on a play where E and Stuy (mostly E) lost their mark totally. WAKE UP!

The Sharks opened the best in the second and had some great chances, but the Wings took over after that and dominated the period. Sadly they got nothing out of it, not even on the PP or on a great double chance for Pasha.

The Wings totally dominated the third and got rewarded when Williams scored with a few minutes left. Great individual effort. It wasn't counted as a goal at first, but not even Toronto could screw this one up. Sadly Detroit couldn't capitalize on a late PP.

The overtime went back and forth until the Wings got a PP that they whisky dicked.

Shootout. Say no more.

- I liked how Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles reffed the game. Morons.
- The Wings need consistency.
- Jonathan Ericsson and Brad Stuart should never play together again.
- On a related note, E is a forward.
- On another related note, Meech thinks he's a forward.
- Scott Nickol should be neutred and thrown to wolves.

Keys to the game
- Will Franzén continue to look good?
Oh, the Mule was sexy as always. And he scored and created chances. He was excellent.

- Will Sara and Nurse get any laughs?
How would I know?

- Sixty? Forty? Ten?
Actually close to sixty. Now they have to learn to shoot.

Play of the game
JWil's nice goal.

Player of the game
Nick had a strong one.


  1. But what I really want to know, what kind of scotch were you drinking? We were alternating between New Glarus Road Slush, a very nice oat stout, Jonny Walker cokes, and Jack Daniels cokes. And even with our ritual Red Wings watching/booze-athons, it was not enough alcohol to erase the pain.

  2. heheh.

    Lagavulin 16 year old single malt

  3. On the Sharks go ahead goal, saw that coming from a MILE AWAY. E and Stewie and I think Helmsy were all clustered together in front of Jimmah and that left the net wide open.

    We all saw J Wilz goal hit the water bottle. We were all cheering, but then the game continued. We were all like Whaat? Then the play is "under review." Ru F'n kidding Me?

    BTW, the guy in front of me smelled like cheap Scotch and cigarettes. Reminded me of an ex-boyfriend, minus the slight hint of stripper.

  4. seems like agreat guy you dated :P

    Cheap Scotch is undrinkable

  5. BTW,the American Carnage Tour featuring Slayer and Megadeth w/Testament at Cobo Arena (The Joe) on 8/19/10. Thinking about getting tickets.

  6. Sounds cool. Never seen Testament, though I'd love to. Megadeth are great live now that Dave is off drugs and Slayer is better live than on CD, but still pretty fucking boring.

  7. Been a little behind in commenting on your blog posts. I blame little things like work and sleep getting in the way.

    Thanks so much for all your suggestions for phrases to make Swedish signs. I think the people at the Joe are starting to just roll their eyes at us when we come in and they have to check the signs for profanities. Luckily, they didn't translate Sara's "Johan, I want to make small baby mules with you sign." I really don't know what she would've said. Either way, sadly, we missed seeing Dena in warm-ups & so Mule didn't get to see it, but he did get to see a nice "We missed you, Franzen" and, based on the inspiration from TPL, a "Where there is Mule-Stache, there is hope." sign. I hope we got some smiles, but we ended up getting there a little later than normal, so our usual warm-up spot was gone. We ended up right behind Jimmah & frankly, between the constant bombardment of pucks coming our way & us jumping up and down like fangirls at seeing Mule, I didn't get a good look at the players' reactions. I would like to think that if Kronner had played, he would've found them amusing.

    I know it's in the other post, but I just have to reiterate what others have said about how awesome your Swedegian lesson was. Sara downloaded it & we both listened to it a couple of times while making our signs, actually repeating the names along with you, like in a language class. We went to the game & couldn't stop pronouncing the Swedish names the Swedegian way ;) That and there were many cheers of "Mata Mulan!" whenever he touched the puck. We also, for some reason, seem to be hooked on pronouncing "Joe Sakic" in Swedegian...

    Honestly, I've always really enjoyed learning about all different countries, especially Sweden and Norway. The little tidbits of history that you put in your posts from time to time are awesome. To be honest, besides the USA & Canada, I've always rooted for Norway. I think it's because the first Winter Olympics I ever paid any attention to was the one in Lillehammer. I remember being terrified of Johann Olav Koss's thighs & absolutely inspired and in awe of him at the same time.

  8. Like Nurse said, we weren't in the best spot and it's kinda hard to hold up a sign, take pictures, not freak out when Nick's shot hits the glass right in front of your face and watch for reactions... My Mata Mulan shirt did get some interesting looks from fans though and the baby mules sign was waved proudly when Franzen scored his goal. We're making more for tomorrow (and the shirt is making another appearance) so we'll let you know if any of our Swedes notice that in Sweden, the Mule eats you :)

  9. haha. nice work ladies. As long as you guys have fun, and it sure sounds like you do....

    Nurse: Thanks. Learning about other countries and cultures is like you say, really cool. I really enjoy that and I can see why you'd find Norway and Sweden interesting.

    Lillehammer was amazing. It's one of the proudest moments of recent Norwegian history. I was six at the time, but still I was at several of the events and remember about every gold medal we won. Johan Olav Koss though, is not my favourite. Hard to say why, but I think it's a combo of his horrible English, akward persona and the feeling that he is the only Norwegian top athelete I never felt a 100 % confident that wasn't drugged