Saturday, February 13, 2010

At least the Swedes did worse

The first day ended without any Norwegian medals. In women's biathlon Anastazia Kuzmina from Slovakia shocked everyone and won with one miss. Magdalena Neuner from Germany came in 1,5 seconds after her (1 miss), the miss-free Marie Denin from France rounded out the podium. Norway's outsider Tora Berger missed two times and pulled a stinker, 33rd place. Ann Kristin Flatland on the other hand did very well and came in 10th. Her only miss was just by a millimeter or two, and if she had hit that one she'd have been in medal contention. Gro Marit Istad Kristiansen and Liv Kjersti Eikeland came in at number 66 and 70 respectively and will not get to go the pursuit race on tuesday. On the bright side, the Swedes also missed, Helena Jonsson came in 12th and their gold hope Anna Carin Olofsson-Zidek came in 20th. Anna Maria Nilsson took a surprising 16th. Full results at NRK.

Since Kuzmina is fugly, I will go with the über hot silver medalist Magdalena Neuner

In 5000 meters speed skating Sven Kramer from the Netherlands surprised noone by winning with a new Olympic record. Seung-Hoon Lee from Korea and Ivan Skobrev rounded out the podium. Norwegian hope Håvard Bøkko collapsed towards the end and came in 4th. Clearly the turmoil around him has affected him. Henrik Christiansen managed a very fine 8th place and Sverre Haugli came in 10th. Full results at NRK.

I prefer this Neuner pic to the slimmer Sid lookalike Kramer


  1. I had to google Kramer to see what he looks like, and you're right- Sid lookalike.

  2. I read somewhere that he gets mistaken for Crosby in Canada

  3. I noticed right away that he looked like Crosby - thank goodness I wasn't the only one. :)

    The biathalon is an interesting sport to watch - it's a couple things that really aren't beyond anyone's ability, as anyone can learn to cross country ski, and anyone can learn to shoot, and with practice a personn can get pretty good at either - but to get world-class at both, and be able to control breathing and a racing heart to shoot well in between skiing like crazy ... impressive.

  4. yeah, it's a really cool sport. The Norwegian way of winning though, is traditionally to miss a couple, but walk so fast they win anyway :P