Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Canada recap

Norway played two good periods and then collapsed. I am proud of the effort in the first two.

The game started pretty decent for Norway. We were in the game and though we made some dumb mistakes we didn't have to pay for them. We even had some good chances early on. After around 7 minutes Norway got a PP. The PP wasn't great and was killed off. The team continued grinding and didn't let Canada dominate them. Norway then got on the PP on a dirt cheep hooking call. It was killed off absolutely beautifully and Grotnes was huge. Patrick Thoresen too flashed some PK skills. We then played well, but we got another PK against us. Decent call, but it baffles me that Getzlaf got away with a huge hit to the head the other way. We killed another one with help of good PKing, good goalie and a fan by Getzlaf. Tied to the break. Amazing stuff guys. Outshot 14-4, but with decent control.

Norway started the second by taking a penalty. The Canadians had a cross bar on their PP. And with thirteen seconds left Iginla beat Grotnes on a slapper. We responded well, but then Heatly steared a Pronger shot into the net. 2-0. Not the second period start we wanted. Norway unravelled a bit right after this, but stood up and had a couple of nice shifts after that again. Then Norway got on the PP. The PP had pressure and great work by Matthis Olimb led to another penalty and a 5-on-3. Some nice chances, but no luck, so another regular PP. But instead of netting our chances, Grotnes let out a bad rebound and refused to drop to butterfly and let Mike Richards score right after the PP was over. Canada started taking the game to us, but we played good defense. Sadly we had no offensive chances during this time. Then we got another penalty. Good kill. More good play by Grotnes. And then Heatley got called for a douchebag play. Some good chances, but no goals on the 2nd period part of the PP.

The third started with the rest of the Norway PP. it didn't work, but then Mats Zuccarello Aasen, a small guy, provoked Cindy so much he took a penalty. Thoresen got a magical chance on the PP, but put it over. Then, after the PP, with a delayed call and a Norwegian witout a stick, Getzlaf scored after the Norwegians thought they had touched the puck. Goalie change came. My long time teammate André Lysenstøen was put in net. The next couple of shifts were bad and Avs prospect Jonas Holøs made a couple of bad turnovers. Then Norway was penalized again. On the PP Heatley scored. Open shot. Lysenstøen should have had it. Then the Norwegian's got outplayed and let in another one. It unraveled after this and they got 7-0 too. In the last minutes we tightened up a bit, but got no offensive chances. The Lysenstøen let in a horrible one.

- Mats Aasen looked good from the get go. I hope Kenny, Mike and Stevie were watching.
- Great start from Norway.
- Canada has NOT understood no-touch icing.
- I at least once wrote "the Wings" instead of "Norway".
- Patrick Thoresen was great and prooved that he is an NHL quality player.

Keys to the game
- Norway needs top notch goaltending from Grotnes
In the first period he was excellent. Some great saves, especially with his glove. He was pretty good in the second too, but sadly he was very bad on the 3-0 goal. He had no chance on the fourth. Lysenstøen started off with a bad goal. Then he continued stinking it up.

- We need to play solid defense, keep them to the perimeter and minimize odd man rushes
We did this too very well in the first. We had a couple of dumb turnovers, but the forwards did great work defensively and we didn't pay for them. The second wasn't much worse, but the Canadians were much better and forced a few more bad plays. In the third we got a bit worse on this.

- We need to stay out of the box
Didn't do that too well. Too many penalties.

- We need to be effective with our chances
Not at all. We tried for too nice plays instead of gritty goals.

Norwegian play of the game
The play that lead to Thoresen's huge chance.

Norwegian of the game
Patrick Thoresen proved that he is an NHL class player.

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