Saturday, February 20, 2010

Don't feel like it

Meh. The ski jumpers jumped bad, got bad conditions and Simon Ammen (SUI) won his 4th Olympic gold ever, which is a new record.

Petter Northug collapsed and got a 9th or something on the 30 km xc skiathlon. M. Hellner from Sweden won. Fuck. 5-3 now.

The hockey team played a good game, but the defense had some huge errors that cost them. Tore Vikingstad scored a hat trick, but the Swiss still won in OT. At least that single point might give us an easier opponent in the next game. Mats Aasen was spectacular. The refs sucked donkey balls. Even the Swedish announcers hated the too many men-penalty the Swiss scored their 4-3 goal on and 30 seconds before the 5-4 sudden death goal, a Norwegian was first clearly held, then his stick was held.



  1. You can go "woo-hoo!" to "meh" quicker than anyone else I know. Relax, Andy. :)

  2. haha. I am relaxed, I was just too tired to really write something here and felt a bit robbed when it came to the hockey game. BTW, for anyone who missed that game: YOU MISSED OUT. Everyone who saw it, from fans, to reporters, to me agreed on twitter that it was extremely exciting.

  3. hey miss B. How do we feel about the Damon thingy? I can't decide. On one hand, good player, Wings fan. But on the other hand: expensive, ex-Yankee

  4. Damon.

    He's a vapid airhead with a noodle-arm and on the decline in one of the vastest outfields in baseball. I have the odd feeling that it won't end (or start) well. :(

    On the bright side, it's just for one year. No matter if he sucks, he'll be gone before we know it! (Kind of the same attitude I took toward signing Vanilla Williams in the offseason, come to think of it ...)

    He'd better get on base a lot for people to knock in, because if he's ineffective then the team would have been better off playing Raburn full time and seeing what he can do - Raburn has the range and definitely has the arm, his offense is just shakier and he had trouble with the cursed hellish Metrodome roof (hahahaha, welcome to the great outdoors, Twinkies!).

    And congrats on Norway winning a bronze medal in whatever speedskating distance Shani Davis won the silver in. :)

  5. Hehe.Well, let's hope he can do well.

    Thanks. Didn't catch that :P Was sleeping