Saturday, February 13, 2010

An expected letdown (ski jumping)/ Sens preview

Simon Amman from Switzerland won the small hill ski jump with two amazing jumps. Together with his two golds from 02, he now has 3 olympic golds and ties Matti Nykänen from Finland as most winning olympic jumper ever. Adam Malysz from Poland took the second place and Gregor Schlirenzauer from Austria took the bronze. The Norwegians weren't huge favourites and three of them did decently as expected with 12th, 18th ans 23rd. But our gold hope Anders Jacobsen failed in his first jump with only 99,5 meters. His second jump was much better though and he got 104 meters. He got a 9th place which is a disappointment. He blamed the nerves, which is understandable in his Olympic debut. Full results at: NRK.

Gold winner Simon Ammann

The Downhill for men is sadly postponed to Monday, but I forgot one event that will come tonight. 5000 meters skating for men. Håvard Bøkko from Norway is the sport's perennial number two and would have been a huge contender, but he has struggled with injuries lately. He has also suffered from turmoil after the team's coach, the American Peter Mueller, who he was very, very close with, was fired for sexual harassment and then allowed to stay on as Bøkko's personal trainer.

Over to the Sens game. The Sens are red frickin hot. They have won 13 of their last 14 or something. The Wings are without Lilja and a groin-injured Filppula. Kronner is back and Malts is still in. The Wings will dress 7 defensemen and Meech may play forward. It would be fantastic to get a win and a good feeling before the break. Come on guys, this is a game to win.

Keys to the game
- Will Franzén continue his onslaught?
- Can the guys be more effective?
- 60 minutes?
- Jailsexed?


  1. Dude. Simon Ammann STILL looks like he's about 12 years old. Sorry about the Norwegians in the ski jump. Was pulling for them! I'll be missing the Olympics tonight because Sara & I are going to the game. At the time I got tickets for it, the Sens were still only lukewarm, so it'll be an interesting one with them on such a hot streak. The Sens have always been a team that I kind of was "eh" about, but always like Alfie, so the circumstances will make it a good game, I think. Considering they outscored the Caps the other night, I'm glad to have Kronner back in the lineup. I hope Jimmah's got one more strong performance in him before he gets a well-deserved 2 wk break. Bummed that Lilja won't be in, but am feeling a little sadness at the fact that this might be the last time we see Malts in a Wings uniform for a while. I think if he takes one for the team this year, he'll be back next. Plus, while a lot of people think he's over the hill, and maybe he's not what we really need on our roster, it just seems wrong not to have Drapes and not him there.

    Babbles is splitting up the Euro Twins, but at least Datsyuk will have someone who can DO SOMETHING with the awesome plays he makes. I'm still rooting for Mule to get the Olympic roster spot, but it seems Foppa's pretty set on playing, if carrying the Swedish flag was any indication, so we have to wait for Modin, I guess. I hope Fil is feeling better soon, because I want to see him playing for the Finns.

    60 minutes, guys. Then most of you have a 2 week break. Get 'er done, Wings...

  2. a win is needed here...

    and all jumpers look like they are either 12 years old or 40 and pedophiles