Friday, February 5, 2010

Justice? and Kovy ramblings

Just saw a replay of the Chipchura goal. Looks bad to me, but heck, I didn't watch the game, so I don't care that much. Won't be able to watch tomorrow either as it collides with my mates housewarming party. My own move is near done. I am gonna sleep in my new place for the first time tonight and hopefully be finnished moving by Sunday or Monday (and I got internet here today. YAY! Forgot to buy a HDMI cable though, so I won't be able to watch Kovalchuk's Devils debut on my new TV (only on my computer screen). Anywho.. two things:

1. The Kovalchuk deal surprised me because:
- It's not really Devils like to sign a guy like that is it?
- While I knew his value was fastly declining I still think they should have gotten more.
- There were no really good players going the other way.
- But damn, Parise and Kovy on the same team... Yowza!

2. Inspired by the Chipchura goal, I present you the first song I ever sang lead on live: And Justice for...One. BTW, man I miss that lead guitarist. How great is he?


  1. You should be happy this weekend. Detroit has traded Leino in an attempt to curry your favor. :)