Sunday, February 14, 2010

A medal, but not much more.

Today's two big contests were both severly damaged by the weather in Vancover.

The Ski Jump in Nordic combined has had a new set of rules in place this year to compensate for wind and weather differences. Everyone loves it and it has worked nicely. Because of that, it isn't used during the Olympics. The two best Norwegians Magnus Moan and Petter Tande both had to go off the track and wait to be able to jump and had horrible conditions. They were too far behind after the ski jump and ended up not making it, despite good efforts in the cross country part. Jason Lamy Chapuis won after having placed 5th in the ski jump (starting 46 seconds behind the leader). The silver and bronze went to Johnny Spillane (USA, 4th, 44 sec) and Alessandro Pittin (Italy, 6th, 48 seconds). Norwegian places: 9th Magnus Moan (40th, 2:06), 17th Petter Tande (22nd, 1:18), 23rd Jan Scmid (33rd, 1:42) and 32nd Mikko Kokslien (42nd, 2:16).
Full results at NRK.

The biathlon was affected by changing winds and most of all a snowfall. The first skiers got the best conditions and all the best 7 were among the first 14 starting. Emil Hegle Svendsen was the best Norwegian and won Norway's first medal with a silver. He had 1 miss, but due to good conditions and good skiing he made it. Starting just 12.2 seconds behind the surprise winner, Frenchman Vincent Jay (no mises) he will be the favourite for tuesday's pursuit. The bronze went to Croatian Jakov Fak (no misses). Nice, I love Croatia. Favourite Ole Einar Bjørndalen, shit the bed and missed 4 times. He came in 17th. Hallvard Hanevold and lars Berger didn't have good days either placing in 24th and 46th.

I don't think Maren Haugli (the last Norwegian today) will get a medal in 3000 meters women's skating. If she does I will post


  1. Congrats to Norway on your first medal! I heard a lot about the crappy weather conditions on the afternoon Olympic coverage from yesterday. I think it's really kind of interesting that all these downhill skiing events are being post-poned due to weather because it's forcing them to cover events that we Americans would normally hear nothing about. For instance, I had NO idea there was such a thing as Nordic Combined prior to yesterday. We probably got more coverage on the biathalon than we'd normally have. It's just cool to get exposure to events that I've never seen before. Thanks for the updates, Andy.

  2. Thanks, sadly, in men's biathlon, everything that is not a gold medal is a loss.

    Hehe, the Nordic combined is an obscure sport, but you guys are pretty good at it. Not only did Spillane win a silver medal, Todd Lodwick (another american) were right up there too.

  3. Congrats to Norway, also! Woohoo!

    For the record, I will never, ever for the life of me understand how somebody has the endurance to do the Nordic Combined (I watched it yesterday, too, Nurse Nitz). That shit was CRAZY.

  4. hehe.. well, jumping isn't that tiring I think

  5. No, but skiing uphill on a mountain probably is. :) I know that's basically cross-country skiing, but whatever. It looked hardcore to me.

  6. Oh, and no joke: My capcha was "eastskis". Creeeeepyyyyyy...

  7. hahaha, skiing is harcore. Nice "secret word"