Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Mud Shark(s) (and a competition! And Norwegian music!)

Sorry for the lack of posting lately, but first I helped a mate move and then I took over my new appartment yesterday. As of now I have managed to buy a sofa/bed, a huge closet, two book shelves (I own a freakish amount of books and read 1-3 books per week at least) and two cd/dvd shelves. I have only assembled the sofa/bed and the closet (sans interior as of now), so I will have to put in quite a lot of work to get it done and move. So during that time my posts might be a bit infrequent as I will have little time and generally be burnt out. I will also be completely AWOL from February 22nd to March 3rd due to a student trip to Vienna.

Over to the game at hand. The lineup remains the same, except for the fact that E is out and Meech is in. Okay, that might help, who knows. Not much more to say about this game except that the Wings will need to find a completely different compete level. Let's take home 2 points!

Keys to the game
- Can the Wings compete for 60 full minutes?
- How will Babs's line juggling affect the game?
- Jimmah!?!

This post gets its title from a piece of rock history/mythology. In the bottom of this paragraph I will post a link to a quite amazing and funny suite of songs by Frank Zappa which mentions the phrase Mud Shark. These are the first 4 songs on his Apostrophe album. I will not link to the actual song of his called the Mud Shark seeing as a) I don't like it much, b) it gives too much away, and c) it seems to be inaccurate. So, onto the competition: The first person who in the comments section gives me a decent rundown of the infamous Mudshark incident gets to give me a topic related to hockey that I have to write a post about. So come on, get to it.

Norwegian lesson
Hey, let's take a look at some Norwegian classics. These might not be the best selling Norwegian songs, but they are my favourites. For the songs that are sung in Norwegian I might provide rough lyric translations if you request them, so let's have a look. I don't expect anyone to listen to them all at once, but take a few at a time. You will not regret it:

The first one is a classic, you all know it. It's awesome and metal 100 years before metal existed. Trivia: Norwegian title: I Dovregubbens Hall

Now I would like to show you a couple of songs by the best Norwegian band ever De Lillos. They are a pop/rock band with awesome melodies and charmingly naive lyrics (which will be lost on you guys, again, I might translate later). The singing is a bit off key, but very cool in its own way. Very popular band. This first song is called Suser Avgårde (Rushing Off) and is from their debut (recently called the best Norwegian album ever in a major newspaper). It's about walking home drunk through Oslo. It's the best anthem to Oslo that has ever been written, I couldn't find a video of the whole original, so I post one vid with half the song and then a newer acoustic version by the singer/guitarist, set to images of the Oslo tram:

Then there is a song they made called Kokken Tor (Thor the cook) which is a great rocker about an agressive and slightly homoerotic seaman:

Lastly (though I could have thrown in 10 more) comes a darker piece called Hjernen er alene (The brain is alone) about the singer being 16 and alone at his family's summer house right after his mom died. It is dark, weird and haunting and I can relate to the subject. Sadly I cannot find it on Youtube, so bring you the heavier version by another Norwegian band called Seigmenn. They're dark and grungy rock from Tønsberg. My band does an even heavier version of this version:

Another Seigmenn song, this time an original called Døderlein (not really a word, Død=death, døder might be Deather. Lein might be a name). It's dark, warped and heavy as shit:

Over to another Norwegian pop group. This one is called De Derre. The singer is called Jo Nesbø and is now internationally known as a crim fiction writer. This song is called Jenter (girls) and is about a friend of my dad actually. Their biggest hit:

Now, I'd be remis not to mention Jokke. He was a great rock musician who died too early from drugs and alcohol. After his death he's been overhyped, but I like some of his older, less known songs. This one is called Tempo and is about a French comic magazine:

Now, for the second last song, let's go a bit dirtier. This one is by the defunct Norwegian band Turbonegro. They were never good musicians, but wrote funny, catchy tunes and was a great, energetic and hilarious live band. This song is about making pizza at a pizza place close to where my band used to rehearse. It's called the Age of Pamparius:

As the last song, I guess I have to feature som Black Metal. I am not a big fan of the genre, but Dimmu Borgir has some great stuff. This one is called the Serpentine Offering:



  1. "Freakish amount of books," eh?

    I have over 1000 books myself, so I know how you feel.

  2. Well, I'm not there yet. Letting a lot of them stay at my family's house, but the collection is still probably too big. In the family house we probably have 2-3000.

  3. Having listened to all of these, I can now say I have a favorite Norwegian band! It's Seigmenn. I also really liked De Lillos (especially Kokken Tor).

  4. Good. Seigmenn were a great band. They're actually named after this candy: http://www.synlig.no/bilder/seigmenn3.jpg

    De Lillos are good, they're like root Norwegian, almost a common thing for most Norwegians.