Saturday, February 13, 2010

Next two weeks announcement

We're about to have an olympic break here, so what's gonna happen here? Well these things:
- I am gonna follow all Wing news
- I am gonna follow the hockey tournament and especially the Red Wing players
- I am gonna write about the Norwegian hockey team
- I am gonna write about Norway and their athletes in general.
- The 22nd I go to Vienna on a student trip (lectures, sightseeing and stuff at day, party every night) and will be unable to post until I get home on the 3rd of March.

So... I am going to write a Senators preview later today, but here is a preview of today in the Olympics.

Interesting events:
- Ski jump, small hill - The most boring of the ski jump hills, but I am a bit nostalgic about it as I was present when Espen Bredesen and Lasse Ottesen had a double Norwegian victory at Lillehammer. The reigning champion is the retired Norwegian drug addict and bad boy Lars Bystøl. Trying to defend his title are four Norwegians: Anders Jacobsen, Anders Bardal, Bjorn Einar Romoren and Tom Hilde. None of them are favourites, but they all have a chance. Jacobsen is probably the best one of them.
- Downhill skiing - Aksel Lund Svindal is among the favourites
- Biathlon sprint, women - Both Tora Berger and Ann Kristin Flatland will fight for the gold, though a victory would be surprising.

To get you in the mood, here is the royal anthem, national anthem and national hymn performed in front of our royal family:


  1. Please continue to talk about Norway. They are a smaller country, so as far as crappy NBC is concerned they might as well not exist.

    NBC sucks. :(

  2. hmmm we lead the olympic winter medal table with 98 golds (but Russia and Germany would have passed us if Sovyet and East/West Germany counted as the same as them)

  3. Agreed, Baroque, NBC DOES suck. Not only do they flip back and forth between events, but they only basically ever show foreign competitors if they placed in the medal round. I am BEYOND bummed this year that CBC is NOT broadcasting the Olympics. I realize living in Detroit has made me spoiled because we've always been able to watch both American and Canadian Olympic coverage, but I was beyond stoked to see the Canadians cover the Olympics in their homeland. But they got outbid by I'm assuming, CTV and frankly, I feel little bit uncomfortable not seeing Ron MacLean at CBC anchoring the desk for primetime Olympic coverage. No Canadian coverage for Olympic hockey... Which means we're stuck with Doc & Edzo...ugh.

    Anyways, yes, Andy, I am super stoked to read about your comments on Team Norway. Seeing as NBC only cares about downhill skiing & figure skating, this may be the only place I get an accurate assessment of how the Scandinavian countries are doing. Sara & I gave a big shout out to the Norwegian team during the Opening Ceremony for you.

  4. hehe. Here in norway we have two national (owned by the state of Norway) channels that broadcast almost everything.

    Thanks. I'll keep you guys as updated as possible