Sunday, February 7, 2010

Norwegian ale- no wait.

Not even gonna touch on the Kings game. Yet again, 38 minutes of hockey is not enough. Fuck you.

But the Wings traded Leino for a fifth round pick and Ole-Kristian Tollefsen, one of my countrymen. These are my thoughts one that, copied from a comment at BDS:
This is two thirds of a good move. Getting rid of Ville and getting a draft pick great. Getting Tollefsen too, good. Sending him down, bad move. I'm one of the guys who doesn't really want one of my countrymen on the Wings team (see the drug-addled moron named Anders Myrvold), but having Tollefsen there would have made sense. As you say he is a tough, defensive defenseman and I would like to see that. He's injury prone and now and then makes bad plays (like on Bozak's first NHL goal), but he brings things to the table that Mebdeech doesn't. He is much safer defensively, he is big and strong and he's a fighter so the Wings could just go ahead and waive Brad May. IMO May and/or Meech/Lebda should have been waived and Tollefsen should have stayed.

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