Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Redemption day

Norwegian winter olympics hit rock bottom in Calgary in 1988. We didn't win a single gold medal. This revved up an impressive program that saw us win 9 golds in Albertville in 92, 10 at home at Lillehammer in 94, the same in Nagano in 98 and 13 in Salt Lake in 02. In 2006 in Torino/Turin/whatever every god damn Norwegian failed horribly except for Lars Bystøl, a ski jumper who had one of his few drug free periods (drugs as in narcotics) and won the small hill and our veteran Kjetil Andre Aamodt who won the Super G. Two golds. We don't talk about it anymore. These olympics are supposed to be different. We all have high expectations and there is a reason behind that. Last year there were Worlc Championships in both alpine skiing, nordic ski events (xc, ski jump, combined) and biathlon. The events during those championships are for all intents and purposes the same as those in the Olympics. Over the course of those three championships Norway won a grand total of 10 gold medals, 5 in the Nordic events (Petter Northug 2 individual xc golds, men's xc relay, Ola Vigen Hattestad in men's xc sprint and men's xc sprint relay), 4 in biathlon (3 individual by Ole Einar Bjørndalen and men's relay) and 1 in alpine skiing (Aksel Lund Svindal). So we should be able to expect the same just from those kinds of events and maybe one or two golds from other events. So far, we've got nothing. And if the athletes doesn't want me to try and sue them for treason they can start fixing that today.

Here are today's events:
- The curling starts. We are outsiders, but could have a chance.
- The Super Cobination alpine skiing (downhill+slalom) is supposed to go today. Aksel Lund Svindal is reigning world champion and the big favourite there.
- Helene Olafsen has won a couple of big races in snowboardcross lately and is a contender tonight.
- In the women's biathlon pursuit we only have two girls. Our best, Tora Berger, probably starts to far behind after a bad sprint, but everything can happen. And Ann Kristin Flatland should be in position to compete for medals.
- In the men's biathlon pursuit Emil Hegle Svendsen is the favourite. He starts as number 2, just a few seconds behind sunday's french surprise winner.
- The hockey team will start their parade towards the gold with a win against Canada. More on that later, but rumours (per @ABern55 who has talked to some of the guys says Tollefsen won't go. He will have more on that at Cake @ the Devil later today.


  1. Go Norway! Beat Team Canada!!! I'll be at work tonight, so hopefully I can catch a glimpse or two of the game, but I'm rooting for you guys big time! USA's got Jonas Hiller to contend with this afternoon. Hopefully they have better luck against them than the Wings usually do. Sorry to hear that Norway's had some disappointments thus far. As you said, hopefully today will be redemption day. Also, what's the difference between biathalon & biathalon pursuit??

  2. thanks..

    I'll answer your question by making a quick rundown of olympic biathlon events:

    Sprint: 10 km for men, 7,5 km for women. Individual start, the one with the best time wins. Two shootings, first lying down, then standing. Each miss leads you to go a penalty round (about 20 seconds).

    Pursuit: Based on the results of the sprint, the 60 best placed athletes from the sprint go a pursuit race. The sprint winner starts, then if you were 10 seconds after him on the sprint, you start 10 seconds after him on the pursuit etc. 12,5 km for men, 10 km for women. 4 shootings, 2 lying, then 2 standing. Misses leads to penalty rounds. First past the finish line wins.

    Normal distance: The original biathlon distance. 20 km for men, 15 km for women. Individual start, best time wins. 4 shootings, lying, standing, lying, standing. Each miss automatically adds a minute to your time.

    Relay: 4x10 km for men, 4x7,5 km for women. Mass start, first past the finish line wins. Each of the four shoots twice, lying, then standing. If they miss they have 3 extra bullets per shooting. Those take 10-15 seconds to load and fire off. If you still have an unhit target after the extra shots you go a penalty round.

    Mass start: 15 km for men, 12,5 km for women. First past the finish line wins. 4 shootings, two lying, then two standing. Misses leads to penalty rounds