Thursday, February 11, 2010

Shark bites

So the Sharks are up. My food is ready in five so this will be snappy. But anyway, the Wings are fucking owning the Sharks this year, so how sweet would it be to get a sweep? Yeah. Homer is apparently in (and on the fourth line?).

Keys to the game
- Will Franzén continue to look good?
- Will Sara and Nurse get any laughs?
- Sixty? Forty? Ten?

This game needs a great, gritty effort, so here you get some music to put you in the right mood:
This is what I am gonna send them on if they don't make the playoffs:

This is what we need:

And this one does not only have a mood that fits my Red Wing-fan mood perfectly. It also has one of the best vocal performances and guitar solos ever:


  1. Ah, playing the Dimer card, eh? Alright. Message in Blood is my favorite on this album.

    The Wings need to get Fucking Hostile tonight.

    My theme song for the night is from Vulgar: Regular People (Conceit). It speaks my feelings eloquently.

    I think Floods showcases Dimers skills the best.

    And the Mule will at least play for 60. He'll be super psyched for the future baby mule making!

  2. I'd have to go with either Cowboys or Cemetery. And even though most people prefer Vulgar, I like this one more. And how can one not love that music on a PINK cd?

    Yup, they need to be fucking hostile.

    Floods is nice, but Cemetery is the one for me, with the legend of Dime struggling with the solo and then nailing it after a night on the town, drunk as always at 2 AM and all that.