Thursday, February 4, 2010

Sharks, Ducks and MIA

As I said, this moving thing is putting everything else on hold, so I've been a bit off on my blogging this week. The Sharks game I turned off to get some sleep when the score was 2-0. Started watching the rest last night and was pleasantly surprised. The Ducks game I just dropped, but the result seems pretty bad. Now we really need a win against the Kings (a game I won't be able to see live as I'm going to a party (wow, I have a social life now)! Some thoughts on the Sharks game:
- The Wings started badly, but dominated from their first goal and on out.
- The first goal was maybe bad by both Rafa and Z, but mainly it's on Jimmah. Bad rebound to give out. The second was a rebound he had to give, but Stuy should have held Thornton off.
- The Wings scored four great goals and all the lines seemed really good.
- I think I saw Bert outskate a guy!?!?!
- I have little time do research, so can anyone tell me if we know how bad Kronner's injury is?


  1. We don't even know what the injury is, not to mention how bad. Some stories say knee, some say ankle. He's "day to day" so it's not horrible, but we don't know yet if he's in for the Kings game.

  2. Mkay, that's kinda shitty. I'm online in the new appartment, w00t! (Not done moving yet though)