Saturday, February 13, 2010

So this is what a win feels like

The game started off pretty open ended, but after a while Detroit controlled it and had the best chances. Then around the halfway point, Meech, as a forward, showed great net presence and poked the puck loose and Maltby scored. The Wings dominated the next shifts too. Two fast commercial breaks took some momentum away thoug and the game went back to being open with chances both ways. Then the Wings got a PP. On the PP Z made an awesome steal and the play ended on Nick's stick. He saw Pasha coming unnoticed out from behind the goal and sent a shot pass on his stick that he deflected in. Right after that, Chris Neil got a lucky breakaway. Jimmah came up huge. With forty-some seconds left Drapes got called after he and his opponent both high sticked each other. The PP looked dangerous, but didn't score in that period.

The second started with a Sens PP. It was killed, but the Sens kept momentum for a couple of mins. Then the Mule wreaked havoc and got in some energy. The Wings then got a PP. Bad PP. Then a weird bounce off the glas was poked past Howard. Rafa was wrongly place and Bert didn't hold his man, who poked it in. The Wings struck back and got themselves a PP: After a lousy start Miller found Bert who sent a cross crease pass to Cleary who tapped it in. The follow up shift was dangerous, but the Wings survived. After that came a period with chances for both teams before the Wings took a penalty. Good kill. Malts almost scored while hurt on a near miss by Elliott.

The third started with good chances for both teams, but after that Detroit had the edge. The middle part of the period was very controlled and had few chances except from a freaky between the legs shot from Pasha. The Sens then had a great shift and a puck went off a Sens helmet and into the crossbar. On the next shift Helm went on attack and drew aPP. It was unsuccessful, but killed time. The Wings nicely killed off the rest of the game and Franzén scored an empty netter.

- Bert needs to get going.
- Damn it feels good to see Kronner.
- Somehow, national anthems aren't that bad when Karen Newman sings.
-Homer left injured. Maybe Mule gets his Olympic spot. I'd not be opposed to that.
- What a solo ride by Pasha! Sad it ended with a post.

Keys to the game
- Will Franzén continue his onslaught?
He was a bit more invisible than in the last two in the first. Then he woke up and started wreaking havoc. And he scored.

- Can the guys be more effective?
Malts sure was. And the first PP didn't take long either. HCleary couldn't miss. Nothing wrong here today.

- 60 minutes?

- Jailsexed?

Play of the game
Nick's shot pass to Pasha. Amazing.

Player of the game
Pasha had an excellent game, but I will symbolically give it to Malts for his goal and his service to the Wings.


  1. This was an awesome game all around. Probably the first time in it seems like fifty billion years that we seemed to have a full 60 minutes of effort. I didn't want to jinx myself going into this one, but I had a good feeling about it.

    The thought that this may be the last time that we see Malts in a Wings uniform for a while (or ever) made me feel nostalgic all night long, and so maybe it made me pay more attention to him when he was on the ice, but I thought he had a really solid game, that just culimnated in a great goal that, surprise, came about by driving the net and getting the rebound. He seemed all over the ice, solid on the PK, and agitating as usual. He may not be the most powerful of players, but you can't mistake the impact that he has on the ice. Malts seemed to be fairly level-headed in the interviews, and it wouldn't surprise me one bit if he took one for the team, because that's just the type of guy he's always been.

    I really actually liked Meech up on the forward. Maybe because we needed one up there, but he seemed to be moving around a lot better without having to be so defensively responsible. I thought Ericsson looked good when he was paired up with Kronner or Stuie at times. And Pasha, that move where he slid the puck between his legs and got a shot on goal... What a beauty. I'm glad to see the puck ninja back in form. He's going to be insanely dangerous if he's paired with Ovechkin for Russia.

    Sara and I have been debating this for a while, but here's the question I've been asking: If Sweden faces Russia in one of the elimination rounds, can Datsyuk dangle Lidstrom? I say no, but I hope we really get to find out.

  2. I actually thought they played hard for sixty minutes in the Sharks game too, but the effectiveness was better in this one.

    If you look at the name of this blog (or at the second highest picture), you can guess how I feel about Malts. While he is not DMac, he is definitely one of my favourites. The passion, loyalty and heart this guy has shown over the years is nothing short of incredible. I won't go too far into this topic as we (me, Hollis, Casey from WiM, Ellen from Big Red Machine and Brian) discussed it at lenght at The Obstructed View last night, but well, small spoiler: We all think he is going to take the surgery and come back next year to finish his career together with Drapes. This has been Kirk's best year since the lockout and I'd hate to see him go out like this. I know that 25, 33 and 18 will have to be used again, but can't we like retire a symbolic number for the grind line or something. Nothing, except for the captain, is closer to my hockey heart than those three.

    I don't know if I have done it here or just in the comments other places, but I have suggested trying Meech as forward again all year. I actually think he and E should be full time forwards. E had a better game last night though, maybe it is still hope for him.

    If Dats and Nick go head to head the world will probably go under in a vortex of pure awesome. (Meh, Nick's gonna deny him)