Sunday, February 14, 2010

Some more Biathlon previewing and Valentine's day

First up, I just wanna report that Magnus Moan won the two last races before the Olympics and might therefore be a favourite in the Nordic combined. I guess a bronze, but hope for a gold.

The Norwegian biathlonists today:
Ole Einar Bjørndalen (born 74): The master, the champion, the winningest winter athlete ever in the world cup and world championships, with perfect success (like he had when he swept the 02 Olympics) he will also be among the winningest Olympic athletes. Shoots fast and good, walks faster. The bad snow should suit him. If he hits the targets he gets a medal. 91 world cup victories (1 of them in cross country), 5-3-1 in Olympics, 14-10-9 in the world champs.

Emil Hegle Svendsen (born 85): Young gun. Good shooter, fast skier, a lot like Bjørndalen. 15 world cup wins, 3-1-1 in world championships. First Olympics, but maybe the biggest favourite.

Halvard Hanevold (born 69): Old, not that fast, but when he shoots well, he shoots amazing. Might get a medal or even a gold on a top day. 7 individual world cup victories, 2-2-1 in Olympics, 3-7-4 in world championships.

Lars Berger (born 79): Fast, not a good shooter, but if he hits, noone can stop him. 5 world cup victories. 1-4-0 in world championships and also has 3 golds (1 of them individual) in the cross country world champs.

Also, I want to wish all my female readers happy valentines day. As I said on Twitter (follow me for ALOT of olympic updates @FightNightatJoe) I haven't seen pictures of you all, but you sure as hell are beautiful and intelligent on the inside.

As a valentine's day gift, the most beautiful lighting of the Olympic fire ever. from Lillehammer 94:


  1. I remember that ceremony, it was awesome. Pretty sure the one in Albertville was confusing and kinda boring to 7-year-old me, but Lillehammer had all kinds of stuff I thought was cool (who doesn't love a guy ski jumping with an open flame?)

  2. Happy Valentine's Day to you, too, Andy. :)

  3. Happy Valentine's Day to my favorite Norwegian! Okay, the only one I know, but I'm sure you're still the coolest ;) As I said before, Lillehammer was the first Winter Olympics that I really remember and the video totally jogged my memory of the awesomeness that is ski jumping with a lit flame. DEFINITELY better than Wayne Gretzky looking awkward waiting for torch to be lit.

  4. As a six year old, Lillehammer made a huge impression on me, I can still tell you the winners of a lot of the events. And I think we made it out to small hill jumping, some nordic combined, bobsleigh and a Finland vs. USA hockey game.