Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Swedegian 2: Return of the Swedegian: Laugh in the faces of your announcers edition

Due to popular demand, the Swedegian is BACK! This version focuses on the Olympics and for you to get as much as possible out of it I have included some Olympic rosters, the same that I read from, after the link. It's unscripted, long and a bit rambling, but still informative. Enjoy!

Here it is!

G Jonas Gustavsson , Toronto Maple Leafs, NHL
G Stefan Liv , HV71 Jönköping
G Henrik Lundqvist , New York Rangers, NHL

D Tobias Enström , Atlanta Thrashers, NHL
D Magnus Johansson , Linköpings HC
D Niklas Kronwall , Detroit Red Wings, NHL
D Nicklas Lidström , Detroit Red Wings, NHL
D Douglas Murray , San Jose Sharks, NHL
D Johnny Oduya , New Jersey Devils, NHL
D Mattias Öhlund , Tampa Bay Lightning, NHL
D Henrik Tallinder , Buffalo Sabres, NHL

F Daniel Alfredsson , Ottawa Senators, NHL
F Nicklas Bäckström , Washington Capitals, NHL
F Loui Eriksson , Dallas Stars, NHL
F Peter Forsberg , MODO Örnsköldsvik
F Tomas Holmström , Detroit Red Wings, NHL
F Patric Hörnqvist , Nashville Predators, NHL
F Fredrik Modin , Columbus Blue Jackets, NHL
F Samuel Påhlsson , Columbus Blue Jackets, NHL
F Daniel Sedin , Vancouver Canucks, NHL
F Henrik Sedin , Vancouver Canucks, NHL
F Mattias Weinhandl , Dynamo Moscow, RUS
F Henrik Zetterberg , Detroit Red Wings, NHL

G Pål Grotnes , Stjernen Frederikstad
G Andre Lysenstøen , HeKi Heinola, FIN2
G Ruben Smith , Storhamar Dragons

D Alexander Bonsaksen , MODO Örnsköldsvik, SWE
D Jonas Holøs , Färjestad Karlstad, SWE
D Tommy Jakobsen , Lørenskog IK
D Juha Kaunismäki , Stavanger Oilers
D Lars Erik Lund , Vålerenga Oslo
D Ole Kristian Tollefsen , Philadelphia Flyers, NHL
D Mats Trygg , Kölner Haie, GER

F Mats Zuccarello Aasen , MODO Örnsköldsvik, SWE
F Morten Ask , Nuremberg Ice Tigers, GER
F Anders Bastiansen , Färjestad Karlstad, SWE
F Kristian Forsberg , MODO Örnsköldsvik, SWE
F Mads Hansen , Brynäs Gävle, SWE
F Marius Holtet , Färjestad Karlstad, SWE
F Mathis Olimb , Frölunda Gothenburg, SWE
F Martin Røymark , Frölunda Gothenburg, SWE
F Per-Åge Skrøder , MODO Örnsköldsvik, SWE
F Lars Erik Spets , Vålerenga Oslo
F Patrick Thoresen , Salavat Yulayev Ufa, RUS
F Tore Vikingstad , Hannover Scorpions, GER
F Martin Laumann Ylven , Linköpings HC, SWE


  1. YES! I love this so very much.

    Can I just say, for the record, that Lars is one of my favorite names ever? If I ever decide to procreate, that will be the name of my eldest child, regardless of gender. For good measure, I'm going to throw an umlaut over every letter. Because I can.

  2. As always, your Swedegian work is amazing.
    Now to draw on that skill and your offer to translate things for signs... How do you (or can you even) say "feed the Mule" in Swedish? What can I add to Välkommen tilbaka to make it "welcome back to the Joe?"
    Also, what about something like "we've missed you Franzen" or "Homer's my hero" - I realize I might be pushing my luck, but I'm running low on imagination right now and this is about all I can come up with... I'll owe you a beer (when you finally get to the Joe) if I get a Mule smile from these

  3. Natalie: haha, Lars is a cool name. The Ümläüts would be cool.

    Sara: In consecutive order: "Mata Mulan", "Välkommen tilbaka til Joe/Joe Louis" (Joe Louis sounds better), "Vi har saknat deg Franzén", "Homer är min hjälta".

    Some suggestions of my own:
    "I Sverige spiser Mulan deg" - In Sweden, the Mule eats you.
    "Johan äger!" - Johan owns
    "Stem på Johan som president av värdsrymden" - Vote for Johan as the president of space
    "Bengt Åke kan dra åt helvutte, Johan er den retta" - Bengt Åke (Gustavson, swedish national team coach) can go to hell, Johan is the right one/the man.
    "Homer, värdens bästa på at scora fula mål på et snyggt vis" - Homer, the best in the world at scoring ugly goals in a beautiful way
    "Jag älskar Johan/ Jag älskar deg, Johan" - I love Johan/ I love you, Johan.
    "Gifta deg med meg Johan!" - Marry me Johan"
    "Johan, jag vill laga små bebismulor med deg" - Johan, I wanna make small baby mules with you

    There ya go... enough material for a while I guess :P

  4. I don't know if I have the guts to hold up a sign expressing my desire to have small baby mules, but that might be the greatest sign ever! I think instead of giving us a proud smile, Lidas might fall over laughing... kinda like I just did. You're seriously the best, Andy.

  5. Thanks. The baby mules sign must be used! And since it is in Swedish, you are less likely to be arrested for beastiality

  6. I'll make it, but no promises on holding it to the glass. If I make it on camera I will wave the baby mules sign proudly though :)

  7. haha okay... If any of the Swedes see that, they have to die laughing

  8. DUDE!

    I just got a chance to listen to this. I can't even begin to tell you how much it means to me that I'll be able to hit on the Ace of Base women, while properly pronouncing their names.

    You rock.

  9. Let me be the one to volunteer to hold the baby mules sign! I'll even throw in the hubba hubba eyebrows and click click big shooter finger.

    I haven't had time to listen to Swedegian 2 yet. Hopefully I can listen to it before I head out to the game tonight.

  10. haha. Have a good game. And yeah, it should be listened to, at least before the Olympics