Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Unexpected redemption and unexpected failure (the post with the gold medal and stuff)

Marit Bjørgen, Norway's first gold winner these Olympics. She has struggled a lot in big championships, due to illness, but also due to nerves. Hopefully her start with a bronze and a gold can open the floodgates

In the prologue of the xc sprint all Norwegians qualified for the main event. 3 of the 4 women and all the men went through to the semis and two Norwegian women and three Norwegian men went to the finals. I have talked a lot of shit about Marit Bjørgen through the years, because she has been a choker and used to many explanations. I take it back. Everything. Because in the final she held the pace of Poland's Justyna Kowalzyk, passed her in the last downhill part and just went away with it on the stretch. Dominant victory. THANK YOU. I love you. I forgive you for everything, actually, I'm sorry for what I've said.

In the men's final, the two Russians just raced off and when the best looking Norwegian Øystein Pettersen fell in a downhill part after a Khazakstanian stepped on his ski, they got it served. Petter Northug took the third, which gives promis for the rest of the Olympics. Still, this is an event we should have won. Especially with three guys (of the six) in the final and the main favourite Emil Jönsson from Sweden eliminated. So today we got an unexpected victory and then a huge FAIL, especially from the world's best sprinter Ola Vigen Hattestad. Just one thing: Two young Russians that haven't won too much were strong as hell through it all and blasted everyone in the final. It would suck if they, like countless Russians before them these last years, have to give back their medals because they are drugged.

Last of all, I am not a fan at all, but Petra Majdic from Slovenia impressed me today. She was the biggest favourite, but during the warmups she fell horribly. (I can't find a video, but will post when it gets uploaded on youtube). She fell in a downhill turn and just slided out of the track and very unluckily hit the one spot where there was a 1-2 meter hole down. Her back was badly hurt and she was in pain after the prologue where she barely qualified. She was taken to the hospital for tests and they showed nothing was broken. She then scrambled herself through the quarters and semis, barely advancing each time and she was visibly in pain after finish each time. In the finals she took the bronze. That's strong as hell. Proves that she is tough as nails.

Petra Majdic's toughness is maybe not that surprising when we see that she looks like she eats babies for breakfast


  1. Ha! She DOES kinda look like a baby eater, but hey, whatever it takes, right?

    Also, not that it matters at all, but I really like Marit Bjørgen's hat in that photo.

  2. hehe, she also is built like a man

  3. I like Petra, she seems like a very nice and happy person..

  4. she might be, but as long as she beats norwegians now and again she is no friend of mine

  5. I saw the medal standings and the first thing I thought was "wait a minute, Andy said the men should win gold at least and the women were long shots! Yet it was a female who won the gold for Norway in cross country!"

    Good for her. I like it when someone overcomes her previous difficulties and actually delivers her best performance when the most people are paying attention.

  6. true. I am happy for her, I am even willing to forget her previous whiny attitude