Friday, February 19, 2010

A vintage Olympic effort

Ah, this is how the Olympics used to feel like. Gold medals coming in flood waves and a whole lot of fun.

The day started with Alpine Super G. It looked like it would be a clusterfuck of an ending with just a tenth of a second or so between the first 4-5 skiers. The snow looked like it was getting worse and slower. Then Aksel Lund Svindal started his run. He struggled a bit at the top, but came on as the run went on and finished 0.28 seconds in front of the silver medalist, Bode Miller from the US. Andrew Weibrecht (USA) got the bronze.

Marit Bjørgen was the queen of cross country skiing and topped that off with 3 golds at the 2005 world championships. But then she started failing at the championships, her confidence took a hit and she became weaker. This year she has become much better again, got a bronze at the opening 10 km, won the sprint and continued her onslaught tonight. The distance was 15 km, a distance with 7.5 km of classic skiing, then a ski change and then 7.5 of free skiing/skate-style. Three Norwegians were among the seven who had a good lead after the classic part (the fourth, Vibeke Skofterud fell and knocked her shoulder off). The group was then minimized to four, with 2 of them being Norwegians. And then, halfway through the last lap, Marit Bjørgen took off and controlled alone for the rest of the race. Who knows what she's gonna follow this with on the last individual distance. Anna Haag from Sweden took the silver and Justyna Kowalcyk (Poland) and Kristin Størmer Steira from Norway was so close it required photo finish for the third. Initially it seemed like Steira had won, because she was celebrating. Apparently she was credited with the bronze at first on the big screen. But then it became official, Kowalcyk had timed her finish just a tiny bit better and won by a few inches. That kinda sucks, because Steira has no Olympic medals and in Torino in 2006, she got four fourth places. And this was another one. Therese Johaug got a nice sixth place in her Olympic debut. This is very promissing for the relay.

We now have 5 golds, which is about what we would expect to have by now. Continue like this Norway, and I will be damned proud. And we lead Sweden by three golds.

Hopefully the curling team can cap this off with a victory against Germany later tonight and old Dersiree WhothefuckcaresaboutskeletonsoIhavenoclueabouther can do decently in the Skeleton later.

Go Norway

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