Monday, March 1, 2010


NOTE: I am wasted, it's 1 AM and it's supposed to be my day of "rest" before two last days of partying on the trip. These opionions might thus come off as stronger that I intend them to be.

Ummm yeah, so the Americans looked nervous for half the game, woke up, came back and then wasted the whole thing. Did it have to be the Crysob? Yeah God, thanks a whole fucking bunch. That guy??? THAT FUCKING GUY?????!!!! FUCK YOU!!!! Now we have to put up with some fricking douche being hailed as a fantastic player while he had been invisible for the whole god damn Olympics. FUCK. FUCK. FUCK. And all those god damned douches named Corey, Ryan G, Chris, Scott and a whole other bunch of stupid names get a gold medal.

Congrats to Stevie. I love you. I am happy for you. Congrats to Ken and Mike. Congrats to Rafa for a fantastic Olympics, can you please continue this tomorrow? A big FUCK YOU YOU MORON! to Adrian Dater, who in moronic style blames Rafa for this whole thing. Congrats to Ryan Miller, Ryan Kesler and all the MI boys. No matter what, you are true champions. Congrats to Bill McC and Dan O'H for gold to their home country. Congrats to Team USA for their good work. Except for the fuckface Kane I love you all. I normally root against the US at everything, but I might have just gotten a new fav hockey national team.

Dear Canada. Fuck off, it's NOT your game. Sure, you invented it, you're best at it, but while it's partly still your game, it's also partly US's game, Sweden's, Slovakia's, Finland's, Norway's etc etc etc. This kind of Don Cherry-like, nationalist, douchebag arrogance is why we hate your hockey team. Don't come here with that shit about it being YOURS and yours only. It belongs to the world now. Stop being nationalist arsefaces. it doesn't suit such a humble and beautiful nation as Canada. And please throw Nickelback from the closing ceremonies. How about getting the AMAZING Neil Young instead.

Good night... see ya in a few...


  1. Been a Wings fan for 20 years but allow me to say one thing:

    Eat it! Canada wins! HAHA!

    p.s. Neil Rules.

  2. hehe, absolutely. They did, and we have to accept that, but we don't have to be happy about it.

    PS. Oh yes

  3. They sure did - it doesn't mean they aren't immune from acting like assholes about it.

  4. well, hockey without arseholes wouldn't be as fun, would it Miss B?

  5. ya, Canada won the Gold 'eh? fine. I'll GLADLY take the silver w/o all the freakin douchebag Anaheim @ucks! At least we're not cheapshot beeeooootttches!!!

  6. Good point. Why don't you identify yourself, so we can see who made this point