Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Avoiding the sweep

Yes, you read that right. The Edmonton Oilers will tonight have the opportunity to sweep the Red Wings. That would be pretty fucking embarassing wouldn't it? The Wings have been horrible against the Oilers this season. In the first game they sucked for the first 30 minutes and let the Oilers have two 4-goal leads. They came back with a good finish and the Oilers were lucky to get a shootout, but they won it. Then, at the Joe, the Wings really shit the bed in a game where they were at their most injured. Jakub Kindl played in the game, actually it was his NHL debut. The Oilers won 4-1 and the Wings looked worse than ever. The last game was in the midst of a good roll, but after giving up two early goals the Wings had to crawl back and they had a horrible game with lots of bad passes. They tied it in the last second, but lost the shootout.

They need to be better than that tonight. They are a much better team than the Oilers and need to show it. They need to have focus and play like they care. This win is important in the battle for position among the Western playoff teams and could also put them closer to clinching a spot. Win this! Also, I cannot stand the thought of being wept by my brother's favourite team.

Keys to the game
- A good start.
- Connect with passes
- Good decisions
- Jimmah needs to stay hot
- PP conversion


  1. Andy...I feel like a Jackass..I just noticed I didn't have Fight Night in my blog roll. Consider that fixed.

  2. No harm done. My roll also has some holes. I just always forget to fill them...