Sunday, March 7, 2010

The best period ever, and two other periods

Well, ESPNplayer (formerly ESPN360) somehow didn't know that this game existed. They always seem to fuck up on the NBC games, but this was the first time they didn't even have it listed. So I got into the game after 8-9 minutes and on a shit, delayed feed. The first Hawks goal seemed (from the single replay I saw) like a lucky, shitty rebound. Probably not excellent by Jimmah. The Hawks pressured a bit more, but right when Detroit started to take over Lebda overskated a puck, Flip tried to make a risky pass, but Lebs wasn't looking and missed it. Stupid fuck. Hawks scored. With exception of a few moments, the Wings owned the rest of the period, but got nothing for it.

Right after the second period (41 minutes after the game started) ESPNplayer put up an empty slot on their site. A few minutes later it was renamed to fit the game, but had no feed. The feed arrived two minutes into the seconds. By then Chicago had either been robbed of a goal or Det of a PP, depending on who you listen to. Anyway, Chicago was on a PP, but it was killed. Soon after the Wings were going on a PP when a defenseman pushed Homer into the goalie, so Stevie Wonder in the zebra suit made it 4-on-4 instead. The Wings got a PP anyway a few seconds later. On that, Lids and Rafa switched sides, Huet didn't see it, so he left the net as open as Jenna Jameson's.. um.. mind (get your mind out of the gutter, pervs!). Rafa scored. Less than half a minute later Lids scored on another blast. Bertuzzi both started that play and "Homered" the goalie on that one. The Wings kept pressure and a few minutes later Z grinded his way in on the left side and found Williams, who was driving the net like a madman (imagine Gary Bettman fighting his way to get to Sid) and scored. It was snappily followed by Bert taking a puck, driving it up, feeding Flip and 4-2. The Hawks changed goalies after that and got some pressure, but with a few seconds left, Dats stole the puck from Kane, like a thief from a baby. On his breakaway he deked Niemi so bad he peed his pants and scored. 5-2. The third is yet to come, but I announce this the best period ever.

In the third Chicago went right out there and scored. They dominated the period while Detroit defended. Ladd got his hat trick with 7 minutes left and they came close to tie it a couple of times, but good defense, one great kill, good Howard and a huge effort from Kronner saved it. I don't really remember more than that. My pulse was too high...

- Mike Milbury. Prime time arse hat! How stupid are NBC to put the worst GM ever on their network as an analyst? After the job he did on the Island he should have been thrown out of hockey forever.
- Commercials with Keisha and Lady Gaga might be as bad as Milbury. Worthless, worthless music.
- I wish Brett Lebda didn't exist.
- I am not even gonna bother commenting on Edzo and McGuire. You know what I think about them...
- Olympics. PUKE!
- Pasha would have been an excellent pickpocket.
- When Bert finally has a GREAT game, he gets hurt. Of course.

Keys to the game
- Can Pasha be on top form two games in a row?
In the first he was pretty invisible. In the second he came out stronger and dominated. He might have set a world record for takeaways in a period. He continued to be great in the third, even after he took a puck off his foot.

- Danger! Danger! What will Helm do?
He of course worked hard and brought energy. At times he worked even harder than hard.

- What kind of Jimmah will we see?
The first goal wasn't good. Other than that he made some nice saves in the first, but also gave a couple of rebounds that were too big. In the second he was awesome. In the third he did the job and that's what matters.

Play of the game
So much to choose from, but Danglium's steal it is.

Player of the game
Pasha. Yet another great game for number 13.

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