Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Because no one likes streaks

That just sucked. Embarassing.

After a lackluster few opening minutes, the Pasha line started a Red Wings surge that sadly lead to no goals. Then, around the middle mark, the Flames had some offensive zone time due to sloppy choices by the Wings. I cannot fucking stress this enough. Success comes down to right choices. The Wings made a lot of wrong ones in the first. Then the Wings took over again and it all culminated with a PP drawn by (!) Bertuzzi. The PP was terrible and the momentum swung so Calgary owned the end of the period. The second needs to be more stable.

The second was weird. It started off with some nice back and forth and trading of chances until a weird bounce ended on Langkow's stick (Stuart thought they were exiting the zone and lost him totally). Some Flames guy covered Howard and Langkow scored on a perfect shot. The Flames had pressure for the next minutes and the Wings seemed dead. Luckily the Wings got back in and then, when it seemed like the Flames was taking the momentum back, a nice pass hit Pasha, who didn't get the best shot, but Kipper fumbled it. 1-1. After some more back and forth, Detroit got a PP and there Nick shot-passed to Homer who perfectly tipped it in. 2-1. The Wings had the most pressure for the rest of the period, except for on a PP, where they sucked.

Except for the first 20 seconds, the Flames dominated the start of the third. They got payoff when Iginla broke his Red Wing drought when both Kronner and Stuy overcommitted and missed their men. Less than 2 minutes later, pressure by the same line lead to a bounce in. The Wings couldn't answer when they got a PP and had to kill off a Flames PP. Couldn't do shit after that either. Then another Flames PP. That was negated when Miller drew a penalty. The Wings end PP got some chances, but instead Higgins scored in an empty net. Fuck you Red Wings. You don't deserve playoffs playing like this. Embarassing. Real, real fucking bad.

- I like 12:30 EST = 18:30 CET starts better.
- The refs warned Homer for his conduct around Kipper. How about warning Kipper for his constant whacking on Homer, focusing on making the right icing calls and calling penalties (board on Bert, rapage during the PP). The refs clearly hates kids, and puppies.
- I love it when Eaves hit big guys.

Keys to the game
- Can the team play like they are aware of what this game means and like they wanna win it?
They seemed to have the effort, but at times they were really sloppy. The in the third they didn't play the first ten, then there was effort, but it wasn't team effort, just individual desperation.

- Can Jimmah shake some shaky efforts and be as huge as we need him to be?
Jimmah was safe in the first. He didn't have to be spectacular in the second either, but he was good and safe. He might have been a little too early down on the Langkow goal, but he was screened. None were really on him, but not a stellar game.

- Jason Williams seem to wanna stay in Detroit and has gone on a minor goalscoring tear as of late. What will he do tonight? Secondary scoring like that is going to be crucial down the stretch.
He had a nice pass that sprung Z in the first. Other than that he wasn't too special.

Play of the game
The Homer goal. What a nice shot-pass by Nick.

Player of the game
Pasha just seems like he is on fire these days!


  1. I think I can summarize this season nicely by simply stating the fact that Pavel Datsyuk FINALLY got his 20th goal of the season. 20. I know he's been on a tear recently and finally looking like the player we know that he is (thank you, Russia for your failure, because you really woke him up!), but still 20. Yeah.

    I'm still waiting for the player formerly known as Henrik Zetterberg to show up. You know it's a bad night when it seemed to me (and I was at the game, so no ability to rewind the DVR here) that the Big Rig won more battles along the boards than him. Either something's wrong with him or his mental game isn't there. Either way, we're not paying him 7.5 million a year to be a 50-60 point a yr guy. He better get his act together soon or he'll have a very long off-season to do so... I also thought it was fitting that before the game, they were showing an episode of Trev Takes On on FSD that involved him challenging Jimmah to a game of golf. Nicely done foreshadowing if we keep playing this way, FSD...

    Detroiters (at least on the radio) have been hating on Lidas, Raf, and even Homer lately. Apparently they don't watch the same game as I do... I know Lidas isn't the player he used to be, and we're seeing mistakes from him that we haven't seen before, but let's be honest, he's STILL the best we've got. I fear for our PP whenever he and Homer decide to hang the skates up.

    That was a longer rant than I intended. I'm heading into work today on 4 hours of sleep. I'm still grumpy from the way the game went last night...

  2. Agreed on the Pasha thing. I think he just benefits so much from having the Mule and Homer around him and some of the pressure of having to carry the team lifted off him.

    I have no doubt that Hank is hurt. There is a step that isn't there and he just doesn't seem to have his usual strenght.

    Well, those guys are fucking morons, that's what they are. Nick is still the best there is, mistakes or no mistakes. He's the one we can really rely on. Rafa has shaken a bad start to the season and is starting to look like the guy we're paying to have and Homer has had his best season in years.

    Have fun at work. I got 3,5 hrs of sleep...

  3. I was at the game last night too. I thought that Lils looked real good. The 1st line was awesome but the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th lines looked haphazard and dare I say limp? Lils took a shot to the mouth and I had a heart attack when I saw him clutching his mouth and walking down the tunnel. Stewie also took a shot to the mouth. They both came back to play, phew!

    Nurse Nitz, I was listening to Reiger on the way home too. And I was screaming at the radio all the way to Jackson. All these dumbfucks throwing Lids and Homer under the bus, saying that they're "too old." I agree with you Andy in that Lids is still the best defensemen to skate on the ice, still. The dumbfucks also said that Homer was a liability because he gets hurt too often. Well that's the type of game he plays, fuck stick, and even if he were 22 years old, I'm thinking that a player that plays his type of game would be hurt alot.

  4. Not much to add to that, except that I didn't notice those guys getting hurt.

    And yeah, I am actually surprised Homer doesn't get hurt more.