Sunday, March 28, 2010

Clinching a playoff spot

We can all feel it. The Wings are getting close. Remember how nervous we were just a week ago or so? Now we're confident, we have 8 points on the Flames. We feel good. But just how soon can we be 100 % sure that the Wings will make the playoffs? And how much more must the Wings do to clinch a spot? I tweeted some of this earlier, but here is a statistical rundown:

- The Flames 7 games left to play. They have 83 points. That means that they can maximum get 83+14= 97 points.
- The Wings also have 7 games left to play. They have 91 points. If both they and Calgary end up with the same score, the Flames advance on more wins. So the Wings need 98 points. 7 more points over 7 games. And that is if the Flames are perfect and no one else bombs. Seems quite achieveable.
- The first day the Wings might clinch is Thursday against the BlowJs. If the Flames lose in regulation Sunday in Washington and Wednesday at home to the Coyotes (both of those sound quite likely to happen), they can only get as much as 93 points. If the Wings take three or more out of four points at home against the Oil on Tuesday and BJs on Thursday they will have at least 94 points and be in.

So, it is looking very good for the Wings team right now and it's a great time to be a Wings fan. And it might become even greater soon.

But remember my dear Red Wings, we need you to stay hot down the stretch and into the playoffs! No collapses once you clinch, you hear me?

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