Friday, March 19, 2010


Seeing a everyone seems to turtle like Claude Lemieux when facing Calgary and Nashville (are LA gonna take over their spot as the team in front of us?), the Wings will have to do this shit themselves. They need wins. Every fucking game. And tonight is no different. I've had a lot of bad feelings before games the last week and this is no different. Tonight Detroit has to show that they can come back after the huge Calgary win and then three days off, to kick the shit out of a team of hurt players, a team that sucks, a team they have struggled with this year. They have to show up mentally and play this game. If they do that, they win this game. It's as simple as that. And this is also my brother's favourite team, so I need them to win this.

Ericsson is in for Lebda, Howard is still in the net.

Keys to the game
- I know I'm gonna be wasted when I watch the game, so I will only have one question here: Will the Wings show up to play 60 minutes of solid hockey tonight?

Last of all, I just have to show this picture made by some Devils fans on Twitter. It cracks me up every time:


  1. I am printing that picture out and brandishing at the game monday. Cindy will see me, I'll be sitting right next to their bench...

  2. NICE! Do that... he will probably cry

  3. Love that pic. But if Cindy cries how do you tell? Doesn't he always look as if someone kicked his puppy, or he's looking for a puppy to kick himself? I wasn't aware he had a third expression in reserve...

  4. If he look like someone kicks his puppy and tears roll down his cheek