Monday, March 15, 2010

Do you want it?

Do you fucking want it? That's my question ask you my dear Red Wings. Do you want a playoff spot? If yes, then tonight would be a hell of a night to prove it. You can put some distance between yourselves and the Flames. You had the same chance a week ago, but threw it away with a mediocre game and a total collapse in the third. The players didn't seem like they knew what a team effort was, everyone tried to do everything themselves. Tonight you have another shot, tonight you can get the rare three game win streak. And I need you guys to show me that you want it. Want it, execute and you will have a damn good chances at winning.

Same lineup, same everything as the last game. BTW, Ovechkin's suspension is bullshit.

Keys to the game
- Can Pasha continue his onslaught?
- Z has looked a little better with Flip on his line, can they take it to the next level tonight?
- Can we please get a full 60 minute effort?

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