Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Enemy

Yeah, I know that comparing the Hawks to the Third Reich is a bit harsh, especially seeing as I just came home from Austria, a country where the invasion in 1938 (Anschluss) was more of a celebration parade than a war, and where no one decided to mention to us that while Beethoven in fact was German, not Austrian, Adolf Hitler, was Austrian. (For good measure the Austrian also gave the world Jörg Haider (former governor of Carinthia and leader of the Austrian Freedom Party and another right wing party, right wing extstremist, racist, anti-semittist and a guy who died hard), Wolfgang Priklopil (who held a 10 year old in his basement for 8 years) and Josef Fritzl). However, I digress (one of my favourite hobbies). My point is, the third reich and the Hawks can not be compared. Beating up a cabbie for 20 cents is no match for killing 5+ million jews and starting the biggest war ever. So the lyrics of the following song has no bearing at all on the game today. However the title does, the Hawks truly are "The Enemy". And as you know, we here at Fight Night (me, myself, I and the leprechaun living under my kitchen sink, who comes out at night to whisper evil things into my ear) will never pass up a chance to play some Anthrax. So, enjoy!

Yeah, so you guys might be kinda pissed about the 12:30 start today, and I understand that. And let me say, I hate the fact it is on NBC as much as you guys. I mean, how much Rosby fellatio will we hear today? Will Eddie or Pierre suck up the most to Toews and Kane? But, for a Norwegian, what translates into a 6:30 PM CET start is pretty good. So, I am happy.

This is a game we must win. The Hawks have had a good grip on us this season and we need this, for points and to keep some balance in the rivalery. Go Wings! Also, this game is worth a 25 dollar donation from me if the Wings win.

Keys to the game
- Can Pasha be on top form two games in a row?
- Danger! Danger! What will Helm do?
- What kind of Jimmah will we see?


  1. Well, for a change enjoy watching the game at a normal time. :)

    (And watch for a couple of Helm goals, since Guilherme is going to a party.)

  2. yeah, it's gonna be nice.

    Helm likes kids, so he's gonna score