Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Extinguishing the Flames

So, the Flames are in town today and well, I probably don't have to tell you how fucking HUGE this game is. Wouldn't it be sweet to get a win, and see the Preds lose, so that the Wings could put the Flames far behind, while also leapfrogging the Preds?
Well, the Flames have had a shaky season, but are getting some momentum into their game right now. And players like Iginla are always dangerous. Lebda is out, Ericsson is in for the Wings.

Keys to the game
- Can the team play like they are aware of what this game means and like they wanna win it?
- Can Jimmah shake some shaky efforts and be as huge as we need him to be?
- Jason Williams seem to wanna stay in Detroit and has gone on a minor goalscoring tear as of late. What will he do tonight? Secondary scoring like that is going to be crucial down the stretch.

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