Thursday, March 25, 2010

Blues for St.Louis

(Lol, published this under its working title first. You can see it in the adress bar)

Huge win! The playoffs are getting closer and closer!

I thought the Wings were pretty good the first few minutes. They won the draws, got some chances and played well. Then motherfucking Paul Karyia, the Wings-killer, myteriously managed to fool both Nick and Rafa and decided to score. Motherfucker. Right after that they got another chance and got a PP. That was killed off, but the Wings looked awfully flat after that. They struggled getting it out of their own zone, weren't tough enough on the puck and got thoroughly dominated. The last 5-6 minutes the Wings woke up a bit and got some chances on a PP, after a nasty(!) too many men penalty. But nothing more. Hope Babcock is screaming in the locker room.

Less than 30 seconds into the second, Bert found Hank who used his strenght to take it past former Calder winner (lol) Barrett Jackman and score one handed. The Wings came on strong after that, and a few minutes later, Flip shot and Hank shot the rebound off Tuzzi's skate and in. The Wing dominated the first 13-14 minute of the period and had good pressure. They had a PP, but should have had a couple more. The PP by the way, was goalless and suffered from the usual one-too-many-passia. Then the Blues got a double PP, but got NOTHING. The best chance was from Miller, who showed speed and was close to a shorty. The Blues did well the last few, but the Wings held them off.

The third started with a couple of great Wings chances, uncluding a breakaway for Datsyuk, but it was the Blues who scored. On a harmless play, some dude let off a surprising shot and Jimmah just waved at it. The Wings came back and played well for the next few minutes, but after the first TV-timeout it was pure St.Louis. But after the second one, the Wings came back into it and with a little more than 6 to go, Rafa dumped a puck on net, Conks gave a rebound and Fil dangled him and scored. The Blues pressured like crazy for the next minutes, but the Wings kept them to the outside and got in the lanes. With their goalie pulled, the Blues got nothing and Flip got himself an empty netter.

- I hate when I get enemy broadcasts. I usually like Panger, but tonight he was horrible and insufferable. They also have a lame old fuck in the intermissions.
- Moron on FSMidwest says Drapes has lost a step. Well, he'd be faster if Brewer didn't have his stick wrapped around him, you skullfucked arseface.

3 things that worked
- They came back well in the second after a bad first period.
- They had a great PK all night.
- They didn't give the Blues much room close to the net.

3 things that didn't work
- They didn't manage to keep going in the first after getting a goal against.
- Too many odd man rushes against.
- They struggled with the breakout at times.

Play of the game
The high dump by Raf, and the dangle by Flip.

Player of the game
Zetterberg put his stamp on the game once again.


  1. good, usually they are sensible and have a point, but today I just went kinda random