Monday, March 22, 2010

Haha Cindy!

The game startewd out with a great Jimmah save on Crysob. Then the Wings got a PP, where they had some great chances, but didn't score. Through the first twelve minutes it was very even, lots of end to end, but I thought the Pens were a bit better 5-on-5. They were strong in the neutral zone, and Detroit struggled on breakouts. And they dominated the 4-on-4. The rest of the period wasn't much different, but the Wings won more battles and got more chances. They had another PP, but were to pretty, making too many passes. Then with less than a minute left, Bert found Flipper in the neutral zone. Val took it in and made a goal-scorer's shot through the legs of Gonchar and in. 1-0! After that we had a hilarious moment where Talbot tried to sucker Flip and Crysob then douchebagly nudged him. And in the dying seconds, Lids got close from the red line.

The Pens started out best in the second, but the Wings came back at the them. Right as they did that, they drew a penalty, but somehow the refs decided to negate it with a ridiculous one on Homer. The Pens dominated the first half of the four-on-four, the second half was pretty even. Right after that, the Pens got a PP, but it was killed off. The Wings started to play well after that. And then Bert won a puck in the corner, fed it to Nick, who found Z. Z took it in, backhanded it on goal, where Bert was tying up Crosby. Z got his own rebound and scored. The Wings dominated the next minutes and had some good chances. Even when the Pens got the puck more they kept them to the outside. But with three minutes left, a harmless dump in lead to a turnover, and the ouck somehow bounced in. 2-1. Luckily, the Wings responded well and had some nice pressure towards the end.

Right of the bat in the third, Flipper got the puck to Z, who took it into the zone. Drew two defensemen and used their sticks as a screen for a perfect shot. 3-1. The Wings got two straight PPs after that and had some chances, but got no closer than a crossbar by Franzén. From there on out they controlled the game and got close to adding another after a Gonchar turnover. The Pens pressured the last few minutes, but a post by Ponikarovski was the closest they got. As time ran out we got to see Cindy Crysob like we love to see him. Hitting Z in frustration, showing his douchiness in full flight. And I love how Howard took exception to it.

- If we have to listen to Lindsay Soto, then at least show more of her bust!
- I think Cindey backchecked well. Yes, you can slap me now.
- I thought Bert had a real nice game.
- And Meech took some good shifts.

Keys to the game
- Will anyone remember that the game starts at 7?
Yeah, decent start.

- And that it lasts 60 full minutes?
They were decent through the whole first and as good, if not better in the second. The third was exce-fucking-llent!

- Can someone please Kronwall Cindey?
Sadly no, but Bert had a decent hit on him.

- Will we see Dena and her Cindy photo on TV?
I didn't. Did you?

- What will Matt Cooke do to make me hate him even more?
Nothing I saw, but I heard he ate a baby in one of the intermissions.

Play of the game
Zs goal. Great teamwork. Great effort.

Player of the game
You just know that Z is gonna DOMINATE against the Pens.


  1. Fastest recap ever, as always.

  2. hehe... I write in the intermissions... helps me get to bed faster

  3. Your recaps are the bomb- thanks!!

  4. The Wings defense was EPIC.

    The Wings forechecking was EPIC.

    The Wings backchecking was EPIC.

    The Wings goaltending was EPIC.

    And I totally want to be Jimmah's sex slave for the rest of our lives.

    Now I hate Princess Cindy with the intensity of 1 million suns. Oh shit, a blood vessel just burst in my eye....


  5. I just wanted to tell you that the bot protection just made me type in "woodyin". Giggity.

  6. Let's just agree on Epic then..