Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Jim Mora sr. speaks of today's effort

I don't care who you play, wether it's a high school teamm junior college team, college team, MUCH LESS an NHL team. When you let in soft goals like that, play sloppy and don't create shit, you ain't gonna beat anybody I was just talking about. Anybody. All right? And that was a DISGRACEFUL performance in my opionion. We threw that game, we gave it away by doung that. We gave them the frickin game. In my opinion that SUCKS.... What's that? Playoffs? Who's talking about playoffs? You kiddin me? PLAYOFFS? I just hope we can win a game.

That's all folks. Good luck trying to sleep tonight.


  1. Summed it up perfectly--this loss was yet another kick to the nuts in a season full of them.

  2. Yes that speech just keeps on giving..

    It's a new day and I still feel like shit