Sunday, March 21, 2010

Now that's how to play overtime

As you might have noticed on Twitter I was absolutely fricking smashed last night and in no shape to watch the game. Watched it this morning...

The Wings got an early PP and played well on it, but could not capitalize. Instead Christian Erhoff let off a point shot a minute later. A Sedin and Burger King gold card member Kyle Wellwood were both in front and well, seeing around Wellwood is, as we all know, damn impossible. The puck hit his skate and went in. The Wings got some good pressure after that, but then Homer took an interference penalty. The kill went well and the Wings continued pressuring. Their best chance came when Z tried to bank it off Luongo. Then, Wellwood (again) and Yannick Hansen (who is Danish and thus is a jackass) screened Howard while O'Brien let off a nice shot and scored. The Wings answered with more pressure, but could not score thanks to huge Luongo goaltending.

After a good first shift, the start of the second was slow. Then they had a great period of pressure, followed by a couple of Canucks chances. Then, Kronner moved the puck to Stuart, he shot it wide, Flip got it out in front, where Bieksa couldn't find it. Bertuzzi did and scored his first in 19 games. Off the next faceoff Datsyuk lost, but won the puck back, shot and scored just 5 seconds after the first goal. That was followed by a period of great Wings pressure, before the Canucks had some big chances. With a few minutes left of the period Nick took a holding penalty. While shorthanded Flip stole a breakaway and deked Luongo. A shortie! The rest of the penalty was killed, but the Canucks continued to pressure. They got close, but no goals.

The Wings came out flatfooted in the third and made a lot of turnovers. The Canucks were on fire and had huge chances. It paid off after five minutes, when D. Sedin took down a high puck and got it in. This was followed by a period of end to end action. Then the Wings had a horrible PP, but got some momentum and dominated the end of the period. They got close, but didn't score. Overtime.

The Canucks had the best chances in the first four minutes of the overtime, thanks to some stupid turnovers by Bertuzzi. But the Wings took over in the last minute and with 3 seconds left Z got the puck in the corner. He took it in and scored with a backhand shot. It went in with 0,3 seconds left. Another buzzer beater!

- Hearing Keating scream "Luuuuuu" was scary shit
- On a related note I feel like shit
- Has Kyle Wellwood lost weight? Oh, that's just his leg? Well, no then.
- The Z-Flip-Tuzzi line was pretty vibrant tonight.

No keys to the game today
Because I forgot to write a pre-game.

Play of the game
The overtime winner. HUGE!

Player of the game
Pasha dangled like crazy. Great stuff.

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