Saturday, March 20, 2010

Now this pretty much sucked

I am drunk, but will try to get the spelling right. Yet, I Apol(l)o(Creed)-ize for any mistakes.

Way to give Dubnyk his first win ever. The Wings might have dominated, but they still pretty much played SHIT hockey all night. Bad passes, bad decisions (you all know how I feel about bad decisions, but if you don't: THEY MAKE YOU LOSE), bad shots, just overall bad stuff. Now we need a win in Vancouver tomorrow

Re(baseball-)cap (I need one)
I didn't see the first because of ESPNplayer problems, but the little I saw was horrible. Two BAD Oilers goals and the Wings looked dead. My tweeps say they were a little better in the second half of the period though.

The second was dominated by the Wings. They looked like they tried. The Oilers looked flat, as usual, but their chances looked fucking dangerous. However, the Wings scored in the beginning of the second half. Helmer shot it in. Drapes won it and found St.Patrick Eaves who scored. After that the Wings pushed again, but just like in the first half of the pertiod all their passes seemed.. off, and their passes didn't connect. And when they got chances Dubnyk saved. With 2 mins left they got a PP, but didn't even get a shot in.

The third had more Wings pressure, but shot when they shoot pass, passed to the wrong guy when they should pass and shot whe n they should've passed. Dubnyk saved. Missed a PP. Pure suckage. Then with 0,4 seconds left Rafa tied it up! Way to go!

The OT was pretty uneventful, except for a late Whitney chance.

The Oil scored on their first SO attemot. Big surprise. Jimmah sucks at deke attempts in the SO. Pasha hit the post. The Oil scored on their second too. Awesome. JWil gave us hope with a goal. Howard gave us more hope with a save on R. Nilsson. But Flip missed.. bad game.. got a point..

Thoughts... (...of Suicide (former song titles.. now Thoughts... is scrapped and ...of Suicide is named "The way we pay"
- Congrats to Nick on 1400 NHL games
- Soooorry. Will NEVER use the words hawt or hawties again.
- Tuzzi sucks
- Rafa has a beauty spot on the side of his uppper lip.

Keys to the game
- I know I'm gonna be wasted when I watch the game, so I will only have one question here: Will the Wings show up to play 60 minutes of solid hockey tonight?
Wasted? Yes! 60 minutes? Nah, they obviously came out atrociously bad. Fucking suckage. In the second they ølooked like they wanted it more, but they still totallyt sucked. 3rd was the same, but they scored another.

Play of the game
Guess I have to go with the Eaves goal.

Player of the game
Ozzie made no mistakes. Might be because he didn't play, but he is still my man of the match for the Wings.

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