Thursday, March 4, 2010

Nucks and hangovers

Don't have time or energy to make a preview in full tonight. I just got home from Vienna, where I was on a student trip for 9 nights. Drunk for all nine. The hangover in itself is a little better than earlier today, but my head still hurts, my ears and throath are sore and I generally feel like shit. So, some sober days coming up. The trip was cool, fun and very educational. Vienna wasn't as lights out amazing aslast year's destination, Istanbul, but we had fun and the serious stuff was better than last year. Some highlights were: visiting the UN, IAEA and more, talking to an MP, talking to two europaliamentarians and meeting a cute NZ couple while watching the hockey finals.

Keys to the game
- Can Dangle be good yet again?
- How bout another good game of effort and skill?
- Jimmah was good, but had one bad goal last game. How will he be tonight?


  1. Boooooo on the sobering up part. When I was 18-25, I don't think I was sober AT ALL.

    What you need is some sugar, caffiene, and bloody mary's. Oh, and 12 straight hours of sleep.

  2. Oh, and glad you didn't end up in jail. :)

  3. Hehe... but did you have a house loan before you were 22? I kinda need to balance drinking and fun with keeping my life together :P

    And I tried my best, but I just couldn't get arrested