Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Oil spill

Last recap I do before departing for some Easter skiing on thursday.

The Wings looked like they did not want the same kind of start that they have had in their other games against the Oilers this year. So they started well and had the best chances right off the bat. Around the 5 min mark they really put the heat on and a little later Flip took a shot that grazed a d-man and Deslauriers and went in. First we thought it had gone off Lilja too, but sadly it hadn't. The Wings kept the pressure on and dominated the game. And a little into the second half, Franzén tried a give and go with Kronner, when it didn't work, the Mule got it again, found Kronner who scored from between the hashmarks. Goalscorer's positioning, a goalscorer's shot. The Wings kept it going and a little later, the Mule was robbed twice by Deslauriers on a two-shot attempt. And with less than a minute left, Williams found Miller who scored (on a delayed penalty). 3-0.

The Wings started well, but got a penalty early in the second. They killed it nicely and took over momentum again and got a PP. They had some nice chances on it, but got nothing. After the PP they got another one, but got nothing on that either. Right after that, Z got a rebound, but Deslauriers was absolutely acrobatic and stopped it. After another couple of minutes that looked like PP even though it wasn't, the Wings got their third straight PP. On this one Rafa hit the post, before Homer got the puck behind the net and found the Mule who was free between the hashmarks. And he scored. The Wings pressured a little more, but then got a penalty against. The Oilers used 4 seconds to score on a slapshot. 55 seconds later Mike Comrie caught the Wings on a line change and made it 4-2 on a 3-on-1. The Wings pressured for the last couple of minute, but didn't score more.

The Wings played very well for the first couple of minutes of the third, but then, after 3 minutes, Stortini scored on a wrap around. It was pretty even for a few minutes after that, then Detroit started to get pressure, which of course lead to the Oilers tying it. Then the Oilers got a PP, but the Wings killed it. They pressured the hardest for the rest of the game, but the Oilers had some good chances on the rush. With a little more than a minute left, Pasha took a shot that was directed in by Stuart's stick. It was reviewed for a long time to see if his stick was high, but it was ultimately called a good goal. The Oilers tried with their goalie pulled and even had a PP for the last 10 seconds, but the Wings won 5-4.

- If you don't think Jimmah deserves a Hart nomination, you need to look up what MVP means. Even if he struggled a bit today.
- I love it when Datsyuk gets pissed. Today he got pissed twice and it was awesome.

3 things that worked
- A good start
- Conversion of chances
- Good comeback towards the end.

3 things that didn't work
- Jimmah looked a bit shaky at times.
- They fell asleep right after the first Oil goal.
- They fell asleep again in the first half of the third.

Play of the game
The Kronner goal. What a one-timer! And a really smart play both by him and Mulio.

Player of the game
Franzén. He created havoc again and again. If he only had shot a little better he might have gotten more than one.

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