Monday, March 22, 2010

The Penguin hunt is on

Seeing as the Flames and the Avs lost last night, the Wings have the opportunity to pull four up on the Flames and get within one on the Avs (who though will have one game in hand). This is an opportunity that cannot be missed. We just cannot lose game like this one. And motivation should be there. We all remember what happened the last time these team met at the Joe L.. wait.. actually I don't, I have repressed that memory, but still, motivation should be there. And the Pens have been a bit shaky lately, so this is a prime opportunity. If the Wings play their A game, they will win. DO IT.

Haven't read any pre-games yet, but heard Stuy might be out.

Keys to the game
- Will anyone remember that the game starts at 7?
- And that it lasts 60 full minutes?
- Can someone please Kronwall Cindey?
- Will we see Dena and her Cindy photo on TV?
- What will Matt Cooke do to make me hate him even more?

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