Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Pledge motherfuckers (H2H)

Two of my favourite people and two of the best bloggers of the Red Wing community, Rob and Michael of the Production line has made this post as a pledge drive for Herm 2 Hockeytown. Others among the great people of the Wings blogosphere have followed up with pledges for donations. I personally (as a "poor" student, from a rich country) have promised 9 dollars (I was randomly assigned number 9 when I started playing hockey and wore it with pride for many years, until we got rid of all numbers under 20 and I took #92) per Wings win before March 26th. I would also like to add, that I hereby promise an extra dollar per goal scored by Darren Helm (Herm's favourite player) in those games. Please go to the TPL link above to make your promise or to the H2H link above to donate. It's all for a good cause (The Children's hospital in MI) and holy FUCKING shit check out the prizes!

EDIT:In my drunken haze over here, I have decided to make a win on March 7th (2+5=7, but also 25=DMac, my second fav player ever) worth 25 bucks and a win on the 19th (seriously, do you need this one explained? FUCK OFF! STOP READING MY BLOG!) worth 19 bucks. No more pledging now.

Last of all, I want to acknowledge that everyone donating prizes, the Wings, private persons and all the people I have previously ripped on (Adrian Dater (just ordered the guy's book from Amazon out of appreciateion), Ozzie, the NHL) are AWESOME for their donations. You guys make me believe in the hockey community and humanity in general!

No pre-game or recap (probably) tonight as I am drunk, on a shit internet connection that fails every 5th minute (shit hostel we are at) and might not watch the game (if I do I won't get to sleep AT ALL tonight).


  1. Andy, I honestly have to say that your drunken blog posts have given me so much joy over the past few days. I worked nights last night, and when I discovered that the sun came up this morning after Jesus H. Crosby, Lord and Savior of Canada, single-handedly saved Canada, I was a bit disappointed. No sleep + hatred of Crosby = Crazy thoughts. Then I looked at your blog posts and realized that the Red Wings Nation is alive and well. Glad that Petrella jailsexed some $$ out of you while in your drunken state ;)

  2. haha.. always glad to keep the nation going. Well, it's for a good cause, so it's worth it...

  3. You know something? I'm actually very impressed at your ability to be both profane and coherent with a level of intoxication that would have most people drooling on the carpet. :)

    Exceptional talent.

  4. hehe.. thanks. Years of training at drunk typing helps.