Friday, March 12, 2010

Red Wings 5 - Wild 1

Title inspired by this:

I always have a working title for these. That's because I make the headlines and main framework before the game starts. Tonight's working title was Wild Child. That happens to be the name of TWO great songs. So even though the title is now changed, here's some music for you:

I have also started drinking, so this could get ugly.

The Wings started up with some offensive zone time and after less than 3 minutes it payed off when the Mule got the puck in the left circle, let a Empire State Building size slapper off and scored. The Wild seemed to come back a bit after that and got a PP when Lilja collided knee on knee with Owen Nolan. The refs of course ignored that Lilja got a huge punch in the head in the scrum after that. On the PP Koivu missed an open net and Helm forced him to take a penalty right after that. After that 4-on-4 and short PP, Homer took a slapper from right inside the line. It changed direction off a Wild player and went in. Shortly after that Z got a puck in front of the net and scored again. The Wings carried the play with just some small Wild interuptions for the rest of the period, but in the last minute the Wild got a lucky bounce and made it 3-1. The dangerous 3 goal lead strikes again?

I once knew a fella named Johan
Who never had sex with ms. Lohan
And when he shot the buck,
Well the goalie said fuck,
Yes that goal it was glorious, oh man.

I once knew a guy who killed keepers
Oh well at least he gave them jeepers
Homer was his name
And the goalie's to blame
When he scored with slapshots on the cheapers

I once knew a guy who was named Z
And he was so much better than me
Tonight he stopped his slump
Nothing more than a bumb
He's the best in the world, can't you just see?

The first half of the second period was pretty uneventful, but the Wings controlled it well and had the best chances. The Wild took over a bit at the mid point and right after Howard ROBBED Koivu with a glove save the Wild got a PP. They sucked on it and Flip got a chance shorthanded. He kinds flubbed it, but shot a late one off Miller's stomach and in. It was reviewed, but amazingly Toronto got it right. After that the Wild had the play, but the Wings controlled them well.

I once knew a fella named Miller
Who was a real penalty killer
Flip's shot hit his waist
In the goal it was chased
He proved he is not only filler

The first half of the third was pretty uneventful as well and through a PP each way the Wild had no shots on net. Then Franzén got a nice pass, dangled a guy and made it 5-1. Beautiful. The Wings controlled that result out the game.

I once know a fella who could score
He scored in the first and then one more
When the Mule hit the mesh
The goalie was not fresh
When the Mule fucks yup it is hardcore.

- Lilja sidestepping a huge Clutterbuck hit was awesome.
- Flip on the other hand got rocked.
- Howard's glove is unreal
- Mick's rant against headshots was great. I love Mick. I suddently started to fear the day he dies. Hope it's gonna be 30 more years.

Keys to the game
- Flip will be on Z's line. Will that wake any of them up?
Well Z scored in the first, but that was on a line change with Eaves and Drapes on. Still they seemed a lot more vibrant tonight. Got some chances and looked better.

- Can Howard play like we need him to?
In the first he made some huge saves, but also gave some huge rebounds. But as long as he saves those rebounds it's ok. Can't really be blamed for the first period goal. In the second he was safe. He had a HUGE glove save. Say what you want about his other shakiness, but his glove hand has been fantastic after the Olympics.

- Can the guys play like they care?
The first period really seemed like a caring team. In the second they controlled well.

Play of the game
The Mule goal. We have missed his shot so badly.

Player of the game
Mule. Two goals, great game. Dominant


  1. I have also started drinking, so this could get ugly.

    Andy, how can you start drinking if you never stopped from the last time? Stopping to sleep doesn't count, either. :)

    That slapshot from Homer was incredible.

  2. Hey, that's unfair. This was the first time I drank alcohol since I got home (except for a single whisky glass on tuesday).

    I want to marry that slapshot