Saturday, March 27, 2010

Running Wild and running free

FSWild feed, but I saw the pregame Herm(ano) interview. Nice stuff. Looking forward to see the intermission thing.

What a game for H2H, just amazing!

The game started well with some pressure and after just a minute the Wings got a PP. The PP was ok, but nothing more and right after it Rafa lost the puck behind his own net and the Wild scored. Or at least that was what we thought (because the ref thought so). The video review clearly showed that the puck was on the line, but never even close to crossing it. Right after that the Wings got another PP. The PP had a good first 40 seconds and then sucked. But after the PP the Wings continued their pressure and got yet another one. And this one sucked even more. And then, the Wild got a makeup PP. They got nothing on it, but were close a few times. They were a little more in it before the end, but the Wings clearly dominated the period.

Wow, I have a hard time rememebering this right becausee so much happened, but here is how I THINK the second went: Less than two minutes in, after a good chance for each team, Franzén got the puck in the neutral zone, took it in and outwaited Harding, 1-0. Then the Wing got a PP right after that. The PP was good and the best chance came 15 seconds before the end when Z centered a nice feed to Bert. Bert's stick was hacked up before he could shoot it though. That led to a 15 second 5-on-3 and then a PP where a wide Nick shot was redirected in by Homer. A little after that, there was a bad makeup call on E, but the Wings were killing it nicely when they got caught with too many men for a 45 second 5-on-3 the other way. Z DOMINATED that and when it ended E got a chance. He lost it, but got it behind the net and centered it to Nick for a shortie! The official word says E touched it, so I guess he got the goal. And right after the kill ended Dats banked a puck of an opponent's skate. 4-0. The Wings controlled the game for a while, but then with 5 mins left the Wild got a PP. They used just a few seconds to score. Not Jimmah's best goal. The Wild presured for a couple after that, but the Wings came back and owned the last two minutes. javascript:void(0)

Early in the third Owen Nolan dumped a puck in on Jimmah. It bounced weirdly and went in. Unlucky, but one he'd probably like to have back. The Wings looked flat for a few minutes after this, but then they got a PP, Homer found the Mule in front. 5-2. The game opened up after this, but had few chances. With half the period or so left, Miller took the puck into the offensive zone and settled the score with a shot between Backström's legs. 6-2. The Wings controlled in after that, but did not capitalize on a couple of more PPs and a 5-on-3.

- I hate watching the Wild
- I also hate watching Wild feeds
- Herm is a gameMAKER!
- Cleary got hurt again on a Boogard hit. Fuck!

3 things that worked
- They looked in it right off the bat.
- The offense looked awesome.
- They had a lot of dominance and puck posession.

3 things that didn't work
- The PP sucked in the first.
- The PK goal should NOT have happened.
- They seemed flat for a short time late in the second and early in the third.

Play of the game
Homer's amazing redirection.

Player of the game
Franzie. He just had a real dominant game and scored two.

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